• HKICM/ HKCA SME Committee 2019 Joint Conference Embracing an Innovative Era

    21 October 2019

    The HKICM/HKCA SME Committee held their 2019 Joint Conference on Friday, 11 October 2019 at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriot Hotel. The event gathered government decision makers, industry leaders and academic experts to deliver insight on how innovative technologies is shifting the dynamic within the construction industry.  The event had guest speakers, both locally and overseas, that explored the event’s overarching theme of “Construction New Era ‧ Innovation and Professionalism”, imparting invaluable insight to many that attended.

    The event’s Guest of Honour, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Ir Lam Sai-hung, JP stated that the continuous efforts of the Government and professionals throughout the years are fundamental to the success of Hong Kong’s construction and engineering industry.

    He believes that innovation has brought merits to the industry and encourages technological adaptations to boost productivity, improve efficiency and increase construction safety. The Government has been actively promoting the prolific use of advanced technology and innovative construction methods, such as BIM, MiC and digital monitoring systems, which will benefit the society.

    The Government also advocates multi-disciplinary collaborations to facilitate the exchange of ideas and strive towards the prosperous development of the city.

    Permanent Secretary Ir Lam closed with a Taoist quote, “a thousand miles begins with a single step,” to reassure Hong Kong construction professionals to stay open-minded and embrace new trends to further equip themselves for a new era. He hopes industry professionals can be proactive in elevating professional standards and maintaining a reputable image to stand at the forefront of the global construction industry.

    The convergence of property and technology is reshaping the construction industry. The adaptation is prevalent and the industry is entering a new era. The conference strives to innovate with an aim to embrace technology to better allocate resources to maximize efficiency, creating a platform for open dialogue amongst industry leaders.

    The president of HKICM, Cr Daniel Shum, hopes to “nurture young professionals and steer the industry on the trajectory towards making a technological breakthrough.” He also believes that the industry is “situated in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world,” it should “grasp at every opportunity to be at the forefront of this trend.”

    “Many industries, including our own, have been resistant to adapting new technologies. The rise in new technologies has made integration more attainable and less costly to achieving massive efficiency gains for many businesses,” says Organizing Committee Chairman Cr Conrad Fung in his closing speech. He urges businesses to take a step forward and assess their own needs in order to fully reap the benefits of technological implementation.

    The carefully curated speaker sessions aim to deliver insights to industry professionals to equip and empower them to make informed decisions to foster continuous growth within the industry. It is a valuable platform that encourages discussions and exchange in ideas.  The knowledge shared drives professionals to work collectively to tackle challenges and sustain Hong Kong’s built environment as one of the leading sectors, both regionally and globally.





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