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    29 June 2020


    What is New World Development’s vision for developing innovative new buildings?

    Every new project developed by New World Development (NWD) will always have some new concepts and designs. At the same time we try our best to include designs that reflect the characteristics of the district. The company also encourages the use of new-generation designers and architects who can bring new inspiration and ideas.

    An example is our SkyPark residential project in Mong Kok. We thought about how to incorporate a garden, because in such an overcrowded area it’s hard to build a place where people can relax. The result, we thought about creating a large garden with a clubhouse at the top of the building where you can enjoy the view of the Kowloon area. This realisation of the idea expresses the company’s support for creative design.

    In order to cooperate with young buyers we have also thought a lot about the details, such as adding network connection to the bathroom mirror cabinet, something which is more suitable for young people’s lifestyle. Our company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr.  Adrian Cheng, is very encouraging for us to spend more thought in the details.

    What are some innovative initiatives implemented in NWD?

    The company implemented a new operational direction which I think is key, that is “Creating Shared Value” (CSV). It includes three main elements – social needs, business opportunities, company assets and expertise. We can use the company’s human resources to give back to society without affecting the normal operation, especially to help the middle and lower classes in society, and can then create business opportunities as well.

    Taking K11 Atelier King’s Road as an example, we have varied the setback on three sides of the building so that the streets have more space for the public to use; and we created a “CellinGreen” green box at the lower part of the building. The patented technology includes installing plants on the ceiling upside down, this also creates a green landscape for nearby residents. The over nine-meter height lobby entrance can be changed into a semi-open space during the holidays to hold events for public participation.

    CSV is a relatively new business strategy, but many international companies are also beginning to see its value. I think this is a very innovative move, because every time we do something, we don’t just look at the meaning of the thing itself, but think deeper and can this matter create more value, thus creating well-being for different people. If each of our projects is established through such a process, I believe that in the long run it will be advantageous for establishing the brand image of New World Development, helping to implement the company’s “New World Sustainability Vision 2030”.

    How has NWD increased customer fulfilment at K11 Atelier King’s Road?

    First of all, we will adapt to local conditions. On the busy King’s Road, I suggested that the company should build an office building instead of a residential tower, because the nearby transportation facilities and environment are more suitable for commercial use.

    In addition to the platinum certification of Beam Plus and LEED, this is the first building in Hong Kong and even China to participate in the “WELL” verification. WELL is an important tool to promote health and well-being in the built environment. Besides the normal type of requirements it adds some humanised elements, including light source, air, water quality and temperature requirements, and as a result, K11 Atelier King’s Road also achieved a platinum rating.

    In terms of working space, the height of the three-metre floor makes for a more spacious and flexible envirnment; the high-rise units enjoy open views of the sea and mountain, but the lower floors can only see the opposite buildings. As a response to this the architect came up with the use of a cubic façade feature to add vertical greenery and even garden balconies to create a comfortably angled to the views. This makes the building’s appearance more creative and remarkable.

    Compared to other commercial developments locally, what makes K11 Atelier King’s Road so outstanding?

    I dare not say that K11 Atelier King ’s Road is the best, but it is certainly excellent! In addition to its advantages in hardware, it is equally advanced in software. What’s special here is “K11 Atelier Academy”, which is a platform that provides different courses or interest classes for building tenants to participate in. It covers activities such as art, sports and wellness.

    The word “Atelier” in French means “Workshop”, so we have different partners in about 20 cities and more than 100 places around the world and our members can use their co-working space and facilities. These selected partners must also meet our sustainability  standards and people-oriented requirements, so that users in different cities can also experience the spirit and philosophy of K11 Atelier.

    What is a Vertical Creative City?

    The “Vertical Creative City” concept proposed by Adrian Cheng includes the three main core elements of the K11 brand – Art, People and Nature and are woven into the DNA of structure of the building and NWD’s management.

    This is not just an office building designed solely for work. Its supporting facilities are very rich and sustainable. In addition to work and social interaction, it provides corresponding facilities for mental and physical health. Most obvious is the rooftop garden, where there is an urban farm, jogging track, solar panels and wind turbines. You can run there during the day and can patronise the restaurant on the F & B floor, or you can bring your own lunch to the rooftop, enjoying the comfortable environment and wide open space. The third floor is a multifunctional exhibition hall and the space in front of the lobby can also be opened as a public event venue.

    In terms of supporting facilities, we also pay attention to each floor. There are multiple types of toilets catering to the different needs of the users, from executive facilities with bathrooms to those for children and families provided on the F&B floor, as well as pantries and nursery rooms.

    At the same time, according to the philosophy of the company’s Artisanal Movement, which includes a focus on Heritage, we saved terrazzo from the building’s predecessor and made a very representative building nameplate in order to preserve the memory of the craftsmanship and reused it in an artistic way, passing down the history of the building from one generation to the next.

    How do you influence others at work?

    In fact, I am constantly challenging myself. I believe that when you work with younger colleagues, try not to teach them how to do everything, but create space for them to show their strengths and not to control everything on their behalf. It is to understand from the angle of concern, so that they can create more spontaneously, and they are willing to undertake jobs, whilst allowing them to enjoy the results of their input. I have been working in this industry for more than 40 years and have been working closely with the construction teams to understand their situation.  Caring about them is very important, it provides a great inspiration!

    Mr. Sitt Nam Hoi was appointed Executive Director of New World Development (NWD) in June 2018. He is a member of the Executive Committee and the Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr Sitt joined the company and was appointed as Head of Projects (Hong Kong) of the Company in 2011. Before joining the NWD he was the project director of a listed public company in Hong Kong which he worked for over 25 years. Before that, Mr. Sitt had been working in Buildings Department of the Government of the HKSAR.

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