• Aedas-Designed Hangzhou Yun He Wan International Tourism and Leisure Complex

    11 July 2022

    Project: Hangzhou Yun He Wan International Tourism and Leisure Complex
    Location: Hangzhou, China
    Involvement: Masterplan and Phase 1 Architect
    Client: Hangzhou Canal Comprehensive Protection and Development Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    Gross Floor Area: Phase 1 – 86,520 sq m ; Planning – 494,140 sq m
    Completion Year: Phase 1 to be completed by 2023
    Design Directors: Leo Liu, Global Design Principal

    Located in the south area of the Grand Canal New Town in Gongshu District of Hangzhou, the site is the first phase of a larger project, starting off as a vibrant international tourism and leisure complex highlighting waterfront characteristic of Yun He Wan and the industrial pier historical remains.

    The axis weaves all components together with the canals, creating a direct pedestrian flow and a vivid self-contained environment. The public veins and icons are well-connected along the canal by adapting traditional Jiangnan courtyard layout, which results in higher flexibility to shape the pedestrians. Integration of the retail street and the railway creates a leisure and entertainment urban destination.

    The design of Phase 1 draws inspiration from Jiangnan architecture, the layout composition is shaped by fast streets, slow lanes and wander garden to enhance circulation. Situated along a river, the complex provides a dynamic shopping journey. The four courtyards are designated themes of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, coupled with distinctive façade designs of the blocks. The shifting sceneries animate visitors’ shopping experience, as well as contribute to the overall vitality of the complex.

    The retail components and installations vitalise the space to create a dyamic public realm. Along with the sunken plaza at the entrance and the unique cloud terrace at the center, public spaces are created to provide open, leisure spots to the city, accompanied by a series of entertainment and F&B elements.

    “By establishing buoyant retail blocks and placemaking spaces with meaningful connection modes, our design for the Hangzhou Canal Bay Complex strives to deliver an exceptional retail environment.” —Leo Liu, Global Design Principal.


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