31 January 2023



    Hong Kong’s new Exhibition Centre Station in Wan Chai brings connectivity through an enhanced transportation network. One of the collaborators of this massive project is Bonder Ltd. They fabricated different kinds of ceiling systems, employed creative and innovative ideas to create functional and beautiful ceilings fit for the new station. For their recent and very important work, they devoted their time and skills and provided utmost attention to deliver materials that are fit for the transportation infrastructure.

    Bonder prides itself as a one stop solution for integrated ceiling system needs. Their products and designs range from metal ceiling and cladding to lighting solution and stretch ceiling. Their system carries the concept of one colour, one dimension and one style.

    Custom made metal ceiling and cladding is at the core of Bonder’s services. They have a dedicated research and development team to make sure that their products are of quality and suitable for the needs of the market. Bonder has been manufacturing ceiling systems and delivers them to clients around the Asia Pacific region in countries like Singapore, Australia and Thailand. They anticipate their clients’ needs and listen to their specifications.

    Aside from commitment to their clients, Bonder also makes sure to develop eco-friendly products. Bonder’s aluminium ceiling and cladding are made with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content. Their products are surface finished by powder coated, and are free of volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to people. Bonder has also fully complied with BEAM Plus that rewards and recognises buildings that adopt best practices.

    Bonder Limited
    Website: www.dragonceiling.com

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