• Asia’s Co-Living Leader Hmlet Rebrands to Habyt

    12 July 2023

    (11 July 2023, Hong Kong) Habyt, the world’s leading flexible living provider, is unlocking a new phase of growth with the rebranding of Hmlet to Habyt, following its merger with Habyt last year. The move aims to fully realise and further fast track the company’s growth plans and its mission to offer fully global flexible living solutions.

    As part of the rebrand, experienced start-up operator Jonathan Wong has been appointed as APAC CEO of Habyt, spearheading the next chapter in the company’s growth in the region.

    “Rebranding Hmlet to Habyt in APAC was the next logical step following last year’s merger and will enable us to retain all the best parts of the strong Hmlet legacy, while fully leveraging the synergies of being one larger global entity that’s setting out to revolutionise the way people live and move around,’ said Jonathan Wong. “It’s a win-win which benefits our members and our real estate partners.”

    About the rebrand

    Habyt’s goal was to create a distinct identity that would reflect the company’s values and mission, and offer the most seamless experience for members staying in every location around the globe. To help define Habyt’s brand strategy, architecture, tone of voice and visual and verbal identity, the company appointed global design agency DesignStudio, which has previously worked with brands such as Grab, Airbnb, Deliveroo, British Airways, among others.

    As a result of the project, DesignStudio created the brand purpose “Your next move unlocked,” which reflects Habyt’s commitment to removing the traditional barriers associated with housing, empowering its members to seize opportunities and live anywhere. The new brand strategy focuses on delivering a highly utilitarian experience, with a visual identity that takes inspiration from architectural floor plans and a new bespoke Habyt logo that reflects opening opportunities through the symbol for opening doors.

    Also part of the new look and feel is a primary black and white colour palette supported by accent colours that are strategically used to highlight elements or communicate different products across the Habyt portfolio. A system of icons and simple linear illustrations are also now used to communicate key features of Habyt’s offerings and depict inhabitants within the spaces.

    “The transition to the incredible Habyt brand will be introduced gradually over the coming months in APAC in alignment with our stakeholders, and we are confident that this new branding will bring a whole host of benefits for our members in the region, as well as for our real estate partners,” said Jonathan Wong.

    Luca Bovone, Founder and CEO of the Habyt Group said, “The recipe for effective rebranding begins with a profound understanding of our customers’ needs, fused with our forward-thinking vision for a fresh category we’ve named ‘flexible living’. We’ve gathered insights from over a thousand individuals, including both tenants and property owners. We’ve taken their perspectives into account and radically transformed them into a unique viewpoint, showcased in our state-of-the-art brand elements. We’ve laid the groundwork to create a distinct connection with clients of all ages and varying needs, positioning ourselves as the preferred brand for their living requirements.” Eric Ng, Executive Creative Director at DesignStudio added, “Habyt removes the barrier of finding a place to stay, empowering you to seize opportunities and live anywhere, regardless of your circumstances or background. We captured this powerful idea with the brand purpose, “Your next move unlocked”. Unlike other property providers, Habyt doesn’t sell you a lifestyle or romanticise the experience, Its commitments of ‘Tell It Like It Is’, ‘For your every turn’ and ‘Breaking barriers’ focus on delivering a highly utilitarian experience which fulfils expectations and garners trust.”

    For more information, please visit: www.habyt.com.


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