• CAN DESIGN celebrates the completion of its first Mainland China project: A new glimpse of WF CENTRAL

    24 January 2024

    (24 January 2024, Hong Kong) CAN DESIGN, an emerging architectural and design firm, is proud to announce the successful completion of its inaugural project in Mainland China – the WF CENTRAL B1 Renovation in Beijing. Entrusted with leading the transformative upgrade of this iconic destination, CAN has redefined the luxury retail experience for a new era, delivering the entrance façade upgrade, interiors, and signage design of Level B1.

    Since its grand opening in 2018, WF CENTRAL, as Hongkong Land’s leading premium lifestyle retail destination, has continuously evolved its customer service to deliver an unparalleled retail experience. The recent renovation elevates WF CENTRAL’s position, aiming to set a new standard for luxury lifestyle retail in Beijing.

    WF Central stands as a testament to luxurious design, merging contemporary aesthetics with functionality. The entrance, with its intricate geometric patterns and interplay of light and shadow, creates a stunning visual effect, further enhanced by night-time lighting. The integration of mirror screens and digital art installations, a result of collaboration with local artists, brings additional depth and sophistication. These elements not only complement the façade but also draw visitors into a comprehensive and immersive visual experience, showcasing a seamless union of art, culture, fashion, and technology.

    The interior design exudes luxury and harmonizes with the façade’s narrative. The spacious layout encourages deliberate exploration, integrating creative arts and digital media for an intimate visitor experience. The redesign of the B1 level, including a seamless transition from the pedestrian street, enhances visitor engagement and encourages appreciation of artistic details.

    “As the first project of CAN in Mainland China and the flagship of the leading premium lifestyle retail centre in Beijing, WF CENTRAL is meaningful to us. Sophistication is in every detail, from material selection to lighting and fixtures, everything has been meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of high-end luxury. We strive through these finely crafted details to present an environment of exquisite luxury, ensuring that each element complements the overall design and perfectly narrates the story of high-end luxury,” said Ada Ng, Director at CAN.

    “Our design goes beyond aesthetic enhancement. The façade upgrade and layout reconfiguration create a stylish and inviting environment, complemented by modern signage design that aligns with the overall branding of the retail development. This transformation is a strategic move to strengthen WF CENTRAL’s position as a destination offering an authentically new luxury lifestyle experience, particularly appealing to the younger generations seeking a blend of tradition and modernity,” said Honfung Lee, Senior Associate Director at CAN. CAN’s holistic design approach has transformed WF Central into a beacon of luxury in Beijing’s urban landscape, delivering an exceptional and modern luxury lifestyle experience.

    Please visit www.can.hk for further details.


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