• Canon Invites Enterprises to “Meet the FUTURE – Make it HAPPEN”

    31 May 2019

    (23 May 2018, Hong Kong) Life is becoming more digitalized every day, and business is no exception. Enterprises in nearly every industry are transforming in aspects including mobility, automation and cloud platforms, which makes intelligent tools vital to maintain a competitive edge in the market. To demonstrate the ways it is helping companies achieve digital transformation, Canon Hongkong hosted “Meet the FUTURE – Make it HAPPEN” at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, introducing attendees to a host of innovative solutions that harness the latest technologies to drive efficiency, increase productivity and boost mobility.


    Canon has been pursuing innovation with its proprietary imaging technologies, focusing not alone on four major new businesses: commercial printing, network cameras, healthcare and industrial equipment, but also expanding the core B2B segment with our total business imaging solutions to serve the business sectors. Mr. Shunichi Morinaga, President and CEO of Canon Hongkong, said, “Digital transformation is a journey rather than a destination. We believe that our forward-looking technologies will fulfill business needs throughout the document life cycle and accelerate business transformation journeys with our expertise.”

    Canon Hongkong is located in Hong Kong, an international city, and strategically positioned in the Greater Bay Area. Emphasizing his confidence in business market, Mr. Morinaga added, “With our customized solutions on mobility and cloud aspects, we are poised to assist corporations in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to overcome forthcoming challenges on cross-border management and digital transformation, leading them directly into the future.”

    “Our personal and work lives – and even the city at large – are being dramatically influenced by digitalization,” said Mr. Philip Chan, Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solution & Production Printing Group, Canon Hongkong. “Embracing such change in business is only possible by attaining a deep understanding of these innovations and then effectively incorporating them in a continuous drive for improvement. Our intelligent technologies support companies throughout this whole process and help make the future happen faster.”

    Mr. Shunichi Morinaga, President and CEO of Canon Hongkong delivered his opening speech at press conference of “Meet the FUTURE – Make it HAPPEN”.

    Boosting workplace productivity

    Canon’s brand-new imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3500i III Series multifunctional device (MFD) delivers an improved user experience with a newly designed interface that helps users operate MFDs with greater ease than ever. With the new Timeline feature, users can view the most recent scan and copy job history on the home screen and customize shortcut keys for routine print jobs. imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3500i III Series also enable streamlined tasks and eliminate repetitive operations, significantly improving productivity.

    Another notable productivity-enhancing feature, enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mode with renowned IRIS OCR technology from Canon, ensures more accurate identification of text during scanning, which conveniently allows users to apply scanned content to other work purposes.

    Mr. Philip Chan, Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solution & Production Printing Group, Canon Hongkong illustrated the ways to apply innovative technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cloud technique in business, leading enterprises to “Meet the FUTURE – Make it HAPPEN”.

    Greater mobility for daily work

    Recent technological advances have taken business operations to a whole new level, but they are all about mobility rather than serving at a single location. Canon’s Antelope MobileWork centralized platform integrates with mobile devices to allow task management, human resources functions, workflow and document and information exchange regardless of location or time. Its Dashboard feature acts as a central hub for information, enabling users to check business activities such as upcoming duties, company updates and colleagues on leave at a glance, resulting in highly efficient internal collaboration and communication.

    MobileWork’s My Tasks function lets users monitor the progress of assigned tasks and workflows for improved business operations and expansion. It can also integrate seamlessly with Canon MFDs for immediate workflow initiation and cloud data retrieval, offering enterprises flexible yet streamlined business operations with enhanced working efficiency and maximized potential.

    Mobile payment is one of the fastest-growing trends in the market. To provide a high-quality user experience for customers – especially those in the insurance, co-working space and educational sectors – Canon has developed a MFD-based FinTech payment platform called Mobile Payment Gateway, a part of the company’s output management solution uniFLOW. Now, users can directlyconnect and top up with AlipayHK on Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3500i III Series for higher levels of convenience than ever.

    The dance performance at “Meet the FUTURE – Make it HAPPEN” infiltrated robotic elements created a friendly whilst technological atmosphere to the event.

    Flexible automated operations

    Advanced technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are revolutionizing business workflow through digitization. RPA replicates tasks that are repetitive and reoccurring in nature, boosting efficiency and enhancing productivity. For example, Canon’s Antelope Enterprise uses RPA technology to automatically match imported data with source databases.

    With RPA technology, daily, repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be automated, freeing resources to be invested in more valuable business areas.

    One application example is the automation of payment settlement for accounting departments. RPA helps monitor email inboxes and download invoices from vendors automatically. It can then capture data from physical documents and ERP systems via OCR technology and input the combined data into a document management system (DMS) to trigger approval workflow before finally saving the record in the DMS.

    RPA also allows Antelope Enterprise to capture information and data from third-party systems without reconfiguration or additional system customization. Companies do not need to invest in system integration, thereby saving costs and resources and taking business to the next level.

    Media interviews with Canon management to further understand how the event could help corporations to response to market trends more quickly, elevating market competitiveness.

    Collaborative cloud platform

    More and more enterprises are adopting cloud-based solutions. In response, Canon has launched Therefore Online, an entry level and affordable cloud-based DMS that optimizes business operations by improving the management, processing and storage of information on the cloud platform. It is capable of easy information search and retrieval, digital workflow management and document access control, enabling optimized information flow throughout the organization while helping save internal IT infrastructure maintenance costs.

    Canon Hongkong professional consultant introduced various business solutions during the media tour.

    Professional process outsourcing

    Having dependable IT infrastructure and trustworthy IT service are essential for healthy business transformation. Canon’s consultancy service, IT Managed Service is a proactive, comprehensive service backed by remote monitoring and management tools. Canon first evaluates a client’s current IT situation to develop the most suitable plan based on specific business direction and strategy. Internet of Things (IoT) extends the connectivity of online and offline, but also poses a higher security risk to businesses. Consequently, the company then periodically reviews and revises the plan in response to the ever-changing business environment and potential risks at a minimal cost, providing a comprehensive maintenance and freeing human resources for other valuable business aspects.

    Digital transformation involves reshape of every business aspect and requires corresponding intelligent tools. The process might be challenging due to the fast-growing tech-trends and complicated business structure. Canon therefore provides all-rounded product line, from hardware and software to human resources and consultant service, in order to support enterprises throughout the whole transformation journey and make it happen.


    For more information about Canon Hongkong, please visit https://hk.canon.





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