• Coloured steel adds futuristic new dimensions to world of design

    30 December 2012

    4 copyHip, cool and definitely on trend, new coloured stainless steel now graces interiors and exteriors from Asia to Europe and is increasingly used by architects and designers seeking new and inspired products guaranteed to make retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and malls stand out, entice and seduce consumers. 

    Want an eye-popping electric blue stainless steel retail exterior or a seductive, purple interior for a bar or restaurant, or simply a dramatic copper hued entrance for office premises or that enviable and idyllic residence? Double Stone Steel’s constantly evolving colour palette will make that special statement that tells the world that your design also embraces cutting edge and state-of-the-art 21st century products and the limitless applications it has. 

    From Nanjing to Macau, from Hong Kong to the Middle East and Europe, Double Stone Steel’s coloured stainless steel is inspiring architects and interior designers and can now be increasingly seen and appreciated by discerning consumers frequenting high end retail outlets, five-star hotels and office buildings, including Bulgari, Chanel, Dior and Prada, to name but a few. 

    An inspired idea with global applications 

    Versace Interior DisplayThe history of Double Stone Steel (DSS) and its increasing and noted global success is almost as fascinating as its new 21st century product and is a story of foresight, innovation, research and design, and most notably, lateral thinking, as applied by DSS founders Yuanyu Zhu and Richard Adam. 

    Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2012, Double Stone Steel Ltd was founded following successful work collaborations between Zhu and Adam. PVD technology and the emphasis placed upon research and design by the Zhu family convinced Adam of the global possibilities for an international distribution channel and the impact and resulting demand that a product, such as coloured stainless steel, would garner. 

    11_Blister_tecu gold_13In 1991, Zhu attended Beijing Institute of Technology, where he first learned about PVD technology. Following his studies, he travelled to Russia where he spent a further two months learning more about the processes involved in PVD technology at a Russian factory.

    Following his time spent in the former USSR, Zhu worked for a Chinese company using PVD technology in the production of industrial tools, as the factory owners recognised that the inclusion of PVD made stainless steel stronger.

    lift copyPVD (physical vapor deposition) is a variety of vacuum deposition methods used to deposit thin films by the condensation of a vaporized form of the desired film material onto various surfaces (e.g., onto stainless steel). The coating method is a purely physical process. 

    11_Dunes_stainless steel_illuminated with LEDsComing from the Guangzhou Dongguan area, where furniture manufacturing is renowned, Zhu could see the benefits of applying PVD technologies and the production of coloured stainless steel into interior décor for high end brand name display cases, interiors and a range of furniture items, as well as for decorating possibilities, which has opened up new and limitless opportunities for its application by architects and interior decorators.
    In 1994, with investment by his family, Zhu opened the first Double Stone Steel factory in Panyu, China, for the production of coloured stainless steel specifically for use in interior décor. Double Stone Steel China is now the largest PVD colouring company in Southern China, with over 10 colouring factories and two cold rolling factories in cities such as Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Guangzhou, Foshan and Shunde.

    Double Stone Steel’s expansion from producing coloured stainless steel for decoration to its application in architect designed buildings came in 1996 when Zhu was approached by one of the largest stainless steel factories producing sheeting (curtain walls and cladding) to colour stainless steel in gold for the building industry. Both companies had the vision to produce coloured stainless steel for this sector, which can today be seen in places such as the popular T-mall located in Guangzhou.
    11_Offroad_11Until 1998, only the production of various shades of gold coloured stainless steel was possible, so from 1998 to 2002, Double Stone Steel invested a great deal of time and research into developing and expanding the stainless steel colour palette to include black, green and rose colours. 

    “Until 1998, only the production of various shades of gold coloured stainless steel was possible,” states Double Stone Steel Partner, Henry Zhu,

    “ From 1998 onwards we have continuously invested in ongoing research and development and expanding Double Stone Steel’s stainless steel colour palette to include black, green and rose colours. Now Double Stone as a company with most variety of colors its products have became a leading trend in PVD coated colored stainless steel filed.

    Expanding colour palette

    PradaToday, Double Stone Steel produces stainless steel in a palette comprising more than 20 different colours, including electric blue, purples, copper, brass and bronze. 

    “In 2012, the release of our antique palette series of colours also proved especially popular with customers,” states Double Stone Steel Deputy General Manager, Henry Zhu. “Double Stone Steel also plans releasing another 100 colours over the next five years. It has also pushed the development of black stainless steel, now true black or Black is Black, and not the dark grey hues often manufactured by other companies.

     ”Our R&D team is constantly working to develop new colours with our unique technology that until recently has never been seen or used before in architect designed buildings or interiors. And appreciating the popularity of true black, we have also developed the new Black is Black, which is proving extremely popular with new generation of designers and architects as they aim for their projects to be truly unique and stand out”. 

    Cartier 4Eco-friendly products

    “In line with growing global demand for environmentally friendly products and production methods, Double Stone Steel has also developed PVD technologies and production equipment that is environmentally friendly and clean,” states Double Stone Steel Partner, April Dahlberg. “It is not like the traditional electroplating of bygone eras. There is no discharge of waste water, waste gas or waste materials. In addition, our PVD- coated products also include some exclusive characteristics, such as water and oil proofing and are also corrosion resistant and wear resistant. It can also be processed by cutting, bending or curving it, without any of these additional positive elements peeling off.”

     “We have also developed anti fingerprint coatings that are used on the sheets and profiles, thus eliminating the obvious effects that result when people touch it in public areas, which is another plus to using coloured stainless steel and is another major breakthrough for Double Stone Steel.”Dior
    “Double Stone Steel is now one of the largest PVD companies in China, with over 40 colouring machines, including four that are the largest sheeting and profiles machines in the world and can take sheets and profilings of up to six metres in size and results in less gaps in the joinings.”

     Dahlberg also enthusiastically states that coloured stainless steel in the future will also be used in the production of other household products, adding new and exciting dimensions to designer products and more importantly, to retail consumer choices.

     Today, Double Stone Steel companies employ around 1,000 people and has an annual turnover RMB100,000,000 (USD16 million) in processing alone. Double Stone Steel has also gained ROHS and ISO9000 certification and all products are SGS approved. 

    For a presentation about Double Stone Steel at your office premises contact:

    April Dahlberg – Partner, Double Stone Steel. Email: [email protected]


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