• CIC Publishes ‘Guidelines on Work-Above-Ground Safety’ – Safe Use of Platforms and Ladders

    6 December 2016

    (22 November 2016, Hong Kong) – The Construction Industry Council (CIC) today released a new publication entitled ‘Guidelines on Work-Above-Ground Safety’ (Guidelines). The Guidelines focus on setting out the good practices recommended by the CIC to promote work-above-ground safety, including the use of proper working platforms and stringent control on use of ladders.

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    The Guidelines aims to promote work-above-ground-safety by providing recommendations on necessary precautionary measures which cover the following key issues:

    • Risk Assessment
    • Safe Use of Working Platforms
    • Safe Use of Light-duty Working Platforms
    • Stringent Control of Use of Ladders
    • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Coordination and Communication
    • Monitoring and Control
    • Safety Information, Instruction and Training

    Ms. Ada FUNG, Chairperson of the Committee on Construction Safety said, “These Guidelines aim to promote safe practices with the aim to prevent work-above-ground accidents, for example, task-specific risk assessments should be conducted before commencing work. Suitable working platforms and light-duty working platforms should be provided by employers and contractors and be properly used by following specific safety measures. Stringent control on use of ladders with adequate and suitable control and safety measures should be adopted to safeguard the workers.”

    Mr. WU Wai-hung, Chairperson of Task Force on Work Safety of Repair, Maintenance, Alterations and Additions (RMAA) Sites added, “The safety of construction personnel is of paramount importance to our industry. Workers and site supervisory staff should be provided with necessary safety information, instruction and training to ensure that they are all familiar with the potential hazard of fall-from-height, safe work method and safety measures for the work-above-ground.”

    The Guidelines are available for download on the CIC website www.cic.hk.



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