• Construction Industry Council Responds to Public Concern on Construction Quality

    8 April 2019

    (3 April 2019, Hong Kong) The Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the industry stakeholders are very concerned about the construction quality of major infrastructure projects, which has caused wide public concern and media coverage. CIC has established the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors (RSTC) Scheme to build a pool of professional and responsible trade contractors. Apart from encouraging a wider adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the industry to improve the quality and safety management, CIC has also set up a “Task Force on Construction Industry Site Supervision” to review the existing site supervision and quality control of major structural works.


    With a view to enhancing the recognition of sub-contractor registration, CIC has just launched the RSTC Scheme to strengthen the regulatory and monitoring system of the trade contractors. The Scheme collates five core elements of registration criteria including safety, management, job experience, execution and finance.

    In addition, CIC has been proactively supporting the Government’s plan to uplift the construction industry through the use of innovative technologies, among them BIM is undoubtedly the core technology. Thus, CIC has named 2019 as CIC BIM Year, with a broad range of initiatives to encourage wider adoption of BIM and related technologies in the industry.

    On the other hand, CIC has set up a “Task Force on Construction Industry Site Supervision” (Task Force) which comprises eight industry representatives from the Government, professional bodies and trade association. The Task Force will engage an academic institution to review the existing site supervision mechanism of structural works and promulgate the results and recommendations to the industry.

    Meanwhile, CIC will urge the construction industry to enhance the site supervision and quality performance through various means, including:

    1. Issue quality alerts regularly to all public and private clients, professionals, frontline staff, main contractors and sub-contractors to remind them to fully comply with the supervision and quality control procedures stipulated in the law and respective contracts;
    2. Explore technologies such as digital workflow being used in both local and overseas market to promote the digitisation of supervision system in the industry;
    3. Provide relevant training for frontline staff and supervision personnel through Hong Kong Institute of Construction, to upkeep their knowledge and mindset of strict compliance with the supervision and quality control mechanism; and
    4. Solicit support from the industry to rectify any malpractices in supervision and quality control procedures to reinforce the public confidence in construction quality.

    The construction industry has built many world-class infrastructure projects in Hong Kong which we are proud of. CIC believes that there is room for improvements in the existing supervision practices in this rapidly changing environment. We hope that with the above-mentioned measures and collaborative efforts among industry stakeholders, the built quality of the construction industry could be improved continuously.


    Please visit www.cic.hk for further details.





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