• Welcoming redesign of the Dah Sing Bank Central Branch

    30 October 2023

    In the redesign of the Dah Sing Bank Central Branch, Richards Basmajian sought to create a welcoming pavilion to stand out at the busy intersection of Pedder Street and Des Voeux Road.

    It was essential to provide a warm and convivial atmosphere for customers, and to link together six banking zones in a fluid, continuous manner – as opposed to the previous hub + spoke arrangement:

    • Interactive Zone
    • Customer Service
    • General Banking
    • VIP Banking
    • SME Banking
    • ATM Zone

    Both interactive and sit-down teller counters are provided for wheelchair users or elderly, and the Bank continues to make use of the handy lay-by on Pedder Street where VIP customers can be dropped off and picked up near the existing side entry.

    Barrier Free Access (BFA) is provided for wheelchair users at the north side of Worldwide House, from where customers can reach both the ATM zone and SME entrance.

    The SME Banking Zone features a meeting room with video-conferencing facilities for remote customer servicing.

    The double-glazed, movable partitions at this meeting room offer flexibility, enabling the space to be opened up for small group presentations to staff or customers.

    As it was essential for this branch in the heart of Central to remain open at all times, construction was carried out in seven phases, rather than all at once.

    Dah Sing Bank Central Branch

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