• First Volvo Electric Truck delivered in Taiwan

    28 August 2023

    Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce the first delivery of an electric truck in Taiwan to WRC PACIFIC, LTD (WRCP). The delivery took place at Taikoo Kaohsiung Flagship Service Center, belonging to national dealer Taikoo Commercial Vehicles. WRCP becomes the proud owner of a Volvo FE electric truck, demonstrating its firm commitment to green transportation and recognizing the leadership of Volvo Trucks in electric trucks and Taikoo in the supply of commercial vehicles. WRCP, Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles are joining forces in Taiwan to move towards a zero-emissions future.

    WRCP is a leading environmental company and the largest metal sludge recycling and treatment facility in Taiwan. The company is dedicated not only to resource recycling but also to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, striving to reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste.

    Peter T. Halpin, CEO of WRC & Chairman of WRCP, traveled to Taiwan from the United States to celebrate the company’s latest truck addition. He said: “WRCP is honored to collaborate with Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles to acquire the first Volvo FE electric truck in Taiwan.”

    Willy Chen, General Manager of Taikoo Commercial Vehicles, also attended the event and said: “Electric vehicles, ESG practices, environmental protection, and sustainable development are now integral to everyday corporate operations. Volvo Trucks has developed the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced electric trucks. Taikoo Commercial Vehicles not only strives to keep Taiwan in sync with the world but also provides customers with total solutions for the short, medium, and long term. With a strong professional service team and customer-oriented approach, we are a reliable support for businesses during their operations and transformation.”

    Volvo Truck’s electric lineup offers a wide range of options to meet various industry transport needs. These include the Volvo FE, which is an 18.5-tonne electric medium-duty truck equipped with a highly efficient electric motor, ensuring quiet and zero-emission operations that can reduce energy consumption costs by up to 80%. Its new-generation, high-efficiency battery has a 42% increased capacity, enabling a total driving range of up to 300 kilometers. When using a DC charger, the battery can be rapidly charged to 80% in just 90 minutes. With 12 different wheelbase options, the Volvo FE not only excels in urban transportation but also represents a concrete realization of eco-friendly transport.

    Volvo Trucks prioritizes safety without compromise. The entire electric truck lineup has passed the strictest European crash tests, minimizing the risk of fires and chemical leaks. Equipped with intelligent safety technologies, it provides comprehensive protection. In terms of specification and service, Taikoo Commercial Vehicles provides customers with total solutions. For example, the exclusive Electric Range Simulator (ERS) system helps customers deploy and tailor the best operating plan for their electric truck. The ERS system can simulate real routes based on specific working conditions, taking account of terrain and route patterns, estimating energy consumption and charging requirements, and providing the most suitable electric truck configuration suggestions. Also, in terms of support, the exclusive “Green Energy Contract” offers an all-inclusive mileage contract, including full vehicle maintenance and warranty services, as well as battery warranty and monitoring services, ensuring customers have peace of mind when purchasing these cutting-edge vehicles.

    Taikoo Commercial Vehicles is committed to promoting electric trucks while providing total solutions to its customers. The company is deeply grateful for WRCP’s support, and this delivery and unveiling marks an important starting point for electric trucks in Taiwan. Taikoo Commercial Vehicles will continue to collaborate with other corporate customers, to take further strides towards a green and sustainable future, a journey that starts with the electrification of transportation.


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