• Injection of HK$123million to “Construction Industry Caring Campaign 2.0 – Fight against Novel Coronavirus”

    31 March 2022

    (30 March 2022, Hong Kong) In view of Hong Kong’s fifth wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) allocated HK$123million to the “Construction Industry Caring Campaign” and extended the campaign into its 2.0 phase (Campaign 2.0) with the support of the Development Bureau, to continue aiding construction workers who were infected with COVID-19 or requested to undergo quarantine.


    Ir Thomas HO On-Sing, Chairman of the CIC said, “The novel coronavirus epidemic has overwhelmed Hong Kong. Case count has surpassed 1.14 million as of today, inevitably affecting construction workers. Many workers who are infected or quarantined due to the disease are breadwinners for the family. While worrying about the health of themselves and their families, they are also under much pressure financially. We fully understand workers’ burden and therefore announced the extension of the Campaign 2.0 with the support of the Development Bureau, to ease workers’ financial burden.”

    The Campaign 2.0 is targeted to support registered construction workers who have recently worked in Hong Kong and affected by the fifth wave of pandemic. A daily allowance of HK$500 (up to a maximum of HK$3,500 per person) will be provided to workers who were infected with COVID-19. If a registered worker is put under mandatory quarantine or requested by employer to self-isolate due to COVID-19 case on their construction site, the Campaign 2.0 will provide a daily allowance of HK$300 (up to a maximum of HK$2,100 and HK$900 per person respectively). In the unfortunate event that a registered worker passed away due to COVID-19 infection, a pension of HK$100,000 will be provided to his/her immediate family member.

    To facilitate the application process, the CIC will be launching an electronic platform for document submission and approval in early April. Applicants should fulfil the following requirements and provide relevant proofs:

    • Registered construction worker who has worked in construction sites within 7 days before the confirmation date of COVID-19 infection or receipt of compulsory quarantine orders; and
    • Received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines in Hong Kong under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme implemented by the HKSAR Government (medical proof for exemption is required if applicant is unsuitable for vaccination due to health reasons); and
    • From 1 March 2022 onwards*, applicants have:
      • been confirmed as infected with COVID-19(with Isolation order or quarantine order issued by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health); or
      • undergone compulsory quarantine due to close contacts of COVID-19 confirmed cases; or
      • been required to undergo self-quarantine as instructed by their employers.

    Campaign 2.0 will start accepting applications in early April, closing date will be announced in due course. Further details of Campaign 2.0 will be announced on CIC website: www.cic.hk

    The construction industry will stand united in Hong Kong’s fight against the pandemic!


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