• Innovative Youth Housing Design Competition and Construction Press Conference cum Awards Presentation Ceremony

    6 October 2016

    20161005_PhotoThe Innovation Youth Housing Design Competition and Construction started in June 2016, with an aim to explore youth housing design possibilities through an extensive end users’ consultation and engagement process.

    With a total of 53 teams of young architects (108 numbers in total) registered in the Competition, the Jury Panel selected 10 creative design methodology proposals by 10 teams in the first round, then 5 teams to carry on the design stage. The 5 teams then attended 7 youth-interflow sessions to learn about youth’s requirements on youth housing. The process involved over 200 young people who contributed their ideas through discussion, sketching and model making process with the 5 architects teams.

    The 5 design schemes consolidated the youths’ ideas and expectations with individual spatial and aesthetics character, and provided visionary and innovative proposals.

    Results of the Innovative Youth Housing Design Competition and Construction were officially announced at the Prize Presentation Ceremony on 5 October 2016. The Ceremony was attended by about 80 guests. Mr. Wong Kit Loong, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Housing Society, sponsor of the competition, presented souvenir to jurors in appreciation of their time and wisdom during the jury process. HKIA President Mr. Vincent Ng, JP presented trophies and certificates to the winning team and honourable mention recipients. Results of the Competition is as follows:


    Winning entry:

    The Pit Stop

    By team of Andrew Chan, Yannis Chan, Jonathan Chan, Duncan Fok and Derek Lau.


    Honourable Mention entries:


    by team of Wendy Hui and Wong Lap Ming


    CO-EXISIT micro-metropolitan living

    by team of Alan Cheung, Jessie Lau and Sarah Mui


    House of Choice

    by team of Javian Tang, Derrick To, Tsoi Wai Kuen, Edmond Wong, Wyan Yeung and Angus Yip


    A Collaborative Youth Housing

    by team of Lai Li Lik, Benjamin Un and Andrew Yu


    (*** Finalist designs are in no particular order.)

    Exhibition of the winning and honourable entries will be held from December 2016 to February 2017 at the Science Park.


    Sponsor: Hong Kong Housing Society

    Supporting Organization: Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups






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