• JLL introduces Command Centre, a high technology-based service to improve building performance and reduce risk

    30 August 2017

    (30 August 2017, Hong Kong) Global real estate company JLL is adding to its portfolio of services with the launch of its Command Centre in Asia Pacific. The new product provides real estate owners and occupiers with advanced analytics and operational knowledge for real time, remote monitoring of buildings and facilities.

    The platform analyses data captured through a series of data inputs coming from a building, including Wi-Fi sensors that are easily retro-fitted. It identifies trends and anomalies allowing for continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of building services to improve operations and maintenance, reduce costs and save energy.

    “With the increasing prevalence of smart buildings, investors are getting savvier about new solutions they can harness to make their assets work more efficiently, enhance occupant experience and be more attractive to tenants,” says Albert Ovidi, Chief Operating Officer of JLL Asia Pacific.

    “JLL Command Centre is particularly helpful for those who own, occupy or manage large real estate portfolios because they can compare their buildings or the space they occupy and improve those that are not operating at their best.” 

    Peter Hilderson, Head of Engineering and Operations Solutions, JLL Asia Pacific explains: “We developed this service to answer the needs of real estate owners and occupiers who are looking to make improvements in cost efficiency and reduce operational risk. It allows them to address issues before they become complaints, problems or failures. For instance, if an office building registers higher than comfortable temperatures in certain areas and the system detects a fault in the air conditioning system, it notifies a technician to rectify the problem, minimising disruption to occupants.”

    The deployment of inexpensive Wi-Fi sensors enables quick detection of potentially dangerous issues such as a water leak in an electrical switch room. JLL Command Centre can then raise an alert to technicians who can quickly fix a leaking pipe, thus avoiding an electrical hazard, property damage and disruption to business. In the case of a data centre, it can alert a building owner to a problem such as overheating which, if left unattended, could result in a major loss of data and damage to business operations.

    According to Mr Ovidi, “Digitising assets and embracing technology goes beyond mere energy savings. Our clients care about getting the most out of the assets they own and the space they occupy. This is why we’re investing in new technologies like Command Centre that ensure assets are working hard for investors and occupiers.”

    For more information about JLL Command Centre, please click here.





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