• Nanjing Tianyinshan Hospital

    29 February 2024

    Situated along Jiyin Avenue in the Jiangning High-tech Zone in Nanjing, the Nanjing Tianyinshan Hospital is a modern healthcare facility that integrates clinical healthcare services, medical education institute, and medical technology and innovation in a modern, state-of-the-art facility.


    Encompassing an area of 360,000 square meters (3.875,008 square feet) and accommodating up to 1,000 beds, the hospital has been designed to meet the standards of national-level medical centers, as well as reaching international standards for advanced comprehensive cancer centers.

    Surrounded by nature

    With the scenic Tianyinshan Mountain to the north and the tranquil Qinhuai River to the south, the hospital is enveloped by a rich natural setting. With such a exceptional geographical location, designers at Gensler adopted an unique planning strategy for the master plan, which incorporates the surrounding mountains into the overall plan, resulting in an organic and clustered layout that harmonizes with the landscape. The design strategy also ensures a transparent visual corridor, as a light filled spine throughout the buildings. The courtyard layout provides patients and visitors with opportunities to engage with nature in enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. This maximizes natural ventilation and lighting inside the building.

    A design language to evoke rich local culture

    The design team at Gensler uses simple geometric lines and a modern architectural language to evoke a sense of historical significance. With its grand entrance plaza, tree-like supporting structures, and rhythmic repetition of large, sloping roofs, it creates a visually striking main corridor that pays homage to Nanjing’s rich local culture.

    The southern block adopts a decentralized approach with four independent sub-centers connected by a central public facility, forming the “One Street, One Core, Four Centers” layout. This enhances the overall medical experience and streamlines circulation for patients.

    A façade to bring in nature

    Gensler’s design concept for the façade draws inspiration from abstracted landscape forms eminent in the picturesque surrounding of the site. Arising from the natural environment, its textures and colors find expressions in the overall architectural features. The architecture form is thought to blend into the surrounding environment. The façade balances the solid to transparency ratio emphasizing the sustainable approach of the architecture.

    Premium materials, including super white double-layer insulated Low-E glass, light gray matte finish marble, dark gray aluminum-magnesium alloy panels, and aluminum alloy louvers, were meticulously selected. The high wards feature floor-to-ceiling glass to optimize natural lighting and offer scenic views. Smooth curved slope roofs, adorned with light gray aluminum-magnesium alloys and honeycomb aluminum panels, add a touch of dignity and dynamic appeal to the main corridor. Natural lighting is optimized in the atrium and public spaces, creating a comfortable and pleasant medical environment for patients and visitors.

    A place of healing

    Gensler worked closely with the local design partner, Nanjing Architectural Technology and Art studio, to design a positive and empowering healthcare environment that aligns with modern medical beliefs, considering the profound impact of spaces on physical and mental well-being. Through a modern architectural language, the design interprets the profound historical context, creating a multifaceted and comprehensive healing environment.

    Project Information

    Site Area: 134,258 sqm
    Building Area (Phase I): 260,000 sqm
    Local Design Institute: Nanjing Architectural Technology and Art studio Photo Courtesy of Nanjing Architectural Technology and Art studio


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