• Newly opened: The Demokratikum – Eperience Parliament

    17 April 2023

    Understanding and experiencing democracy: Visitors to the Austrian Parliament building in Vienna are greeted by an informative and intuitively designed exhibition where they can experience and learn about all aspects of democracy in Austria: The “Demokratikum – Experience Parliament”.

    The visitor centre designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER presents the political and historical themes in an accessible and engaging way. It invites visitors to explore and discover for themselves. Combined with a sense of fun, the content becomes easy to understand. “Our aim is to explain how democracy is the political foundation of our commun life. Our presentations and interactive exhibits help to bring an abstract concept to life,” says René Walkenhorst, Partner at ATELIER BRÜCKNER.

    The Demokratikum addresses people of all ages and educational levels. The physical structure of the exhibition and its content are fully accessible. 27 interactive media stations offer a hands-on approach to politics, history and architecture. These are accompanied by tactile stations and audio texts that engage all the senses.

    Parliament Building

    The 13-square-metre LED wall at the back of the room shows live coverage of plenary sessions and footage of inaccessible areas of the building. Alternating photo exhibitions complement the room program.


    Opposite the Auditorium, in the Forum, an impressive, eye-catching media installation invites the visitors to talk to the Presidents of the National Council and Federal Council and the party leaders. Each one of them greets visitors and gives them personal answers to selected questions. Visitors can find out, for example, why each one of them entered politics and what they consider to be Austria’s greatest successes.

    Visitors young and old can test and improve their knowledge of parliament, elections and laws at a quiz table in the centre of the room. Up to five people can play at the same time. The quizzes cover topics such as the parliament itself, its tasks, the involvement of citizens, the history of democracy in Austria, the parliament building, the state and the constitution, the media and the public, and democracy today.

    On the long walls, visitors can find information about important social issues on which MEPs have already voted on, such as “Should assisted suicide be allowed?” or “Should there be a general ban on donations to political parties?” Visitors’ votes are compared with those of MEP´s.

    Other stations explain the legislative process, the different ways of participating in elections, the principle of the separation of powers and parliamentary control systems. Children (and adults too) can playfully simulate the daily life of a politician on a screen.

    There are even more children’s stations in the Agora: young visitors can discover the history of democracy in Austria in a hidden object game and learn more about their legally guaranteed rights as children. An explorer’s passport guides young people to the children’s stations, which are marked in yellow. They can collect stamps in the booklet and take their memories home with them.


    The Demokratikum is open every day except Sundays and public holidays. The Demokratikum gives visitors access to the impressive historic building with its listed chambers and the new restaurant on the top floor. The roof terrace offers spectacular views of Vienna’s city centre, the first district with Heldenplatz and the Hofburg. 

    ATELIER BRÜCKNER is one of the world’s leading exhibition design studios. Founded in 1997, the company is managed by Shirin Brückner, Prof. Eberhard Schlag, Britta Nagel, Stefanie Klinge and René Walkenhorst. 120 employees contribute to the development of narrative spaces for museums, brand centres and visitor centres. Current projects include the “Europa Experience” exhibition for the European Parliament in Vienna and the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza. The company focuses on presenting content as an immersive experience.

    Parliament website: www.oeparl2023.at


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