• Passing of “Property Management Services Bill” Ensures Enhancement of Industry Standards

    2 June 2016

    The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is pleased to see the passing of “Property Management Services Bill” (The Bill) by an overwhelming majority in the Legislative Council today. With the enactment of the licensing regime, property management companies and professionals will be required to meet with specified criteria, thereby raising professional standards of the industry as a whole. HKIS is looking forward to discussing with the to-be-established Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) on such subjects as formulation of regulatory guidelines and licensingcriteria which would be commensurate with current professional standards.


    The HKIS Property and Facility Management Division Chairman, Sr Prof Eddie Hui, commented,“We expect the quality of property management services will improve significantly as a result of the passing of this Bill.  Property management companies will strive for raising their service standards, and so will the personnel of the industry, in compliance with the licensing requirements. Such effort will enhance corporate and professional image, while at the same time further guarantee safety of the general public. By and large, this helps the industry attain sustainable development goals in the long run.”

    The Institute opines passing of the Bill is only a starting point. The industry will look forward to seeing how PMSA further establishes the licensing requirements within the new regulatory regime.

    “We are concerned about the structure of the new PMSA. We strongly recommend that the forming of PMSA include one member from each of the related professional bodies, including the HKIS, whereby industry opinions can be delivered efficiently. The professionals are able to render expert opinion on, for instance, the formulation of rules of conduct, arbitration of disputes and complaints, and assessment of the quality of continual professional development.” said Sr Prof Hui.


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