• Planet Earth-like Technosphere opening soon in Dubai

    22 October 2011

    Named technosphere, this pioneering new development, is located within Technopark, 50km to the west Dubai’s CBD and 100km to the east of the town centre of Abu Dhabi, explores sustainable technologies and the planning principals to create a desert community that will be carbon neutral.



    Technosphere will be a centre for the development of new ideas for energy production in the region and attract the highest levels of international expertise and commerce.  When complete, Technopark will offer a benchmark for the energy saving city of the future. Its environmental ambitions of are not only unrivalled internationally, they have also provided a highly challenging design brief. A mixed used, high rise, high density design for Dubai city, the programme includes offices, hotel, exhibition hall.


    The concept is to create a building which will reflect the state of Planet Earth in current and future times and capture the essence of the ecosystems that we live in. The building, designed as the iconic symbol of Technopark, aims to mimic the forces of nature by producing a building that is wonder for people to visit, live and work in and to be a symbol of the power of Technology.


    Technosphere has several key technology systems and architectural spaces tha08118-R-05t will enable the building to generate a self breathing environment as well as generate electricity from solar power to supplement the energy needs of the building. An intelligently distributed array of sky gardens for offices and hotels not only provides an outdoor terrace advantage to the occupants but also provides passive solar shielding from the sun, as well as natural green plantings to contribute oxygen to the environment in a sustainable way. High performance glazing, energy-efficient equipment and the use of regional materials are just a few of the other method employed to reach the LEED gold rating.

    The iconic nature of the shape of the Technosphere comes from three factors. The first is its purity of form, the shape of a sphere lends an elegant yet magnificent presence to the building when viewed upon the horizon. The second is its enormous size, which will make it the largest sphere building in the world, which will give it omnipresence beyond any pure forms of architecture. Finally, the nature of a sphere alludes to the even smallest elements of our world, the atomic particles and molecules that bind our universe.


    James Law Cybertecture states that Technosphere will be a symbol of how mankind has become technologists with the ability to create and build with science and technology, at all scales, for the development of a better world.




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