• RICS central to mobilising professionals to reduce the impact of buildings on the climate

    18 December 2015

    (Hong Kong, 4 December 2015)RICS will today join governments, building and construction organisations and funding agencies to launch the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. The Alliance is a worldwide building sector network backed by the governments of France, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon and Senegal amongst others.


    The Alliance will launch at the first ever United Nations (UN) Buildings Day, to be held during the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), where governments are negotiating a new agreement to mitigate climate change. The Alliance is a joint initiative between the French Government as host of COP21 and the UN’s Environment Programme.

    RICS has joined the alliance an initiating partner in our capacity as a global professional body. In particular, RICS professionals can play a central role in mobilising capital for investment in energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

    Here are a few key points on how the RICS, as a global body with an extensive network of professionals is relevant to the Alliance’s aims.

    • The buildings and construction sector is at the centre of economic growth globally. However, the sector is one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming. RICS has committed to work with its professionals to drive down emissions throughout the property lifecycle.
    • The commitments made by governments at COP21 require consistent instruments to monitor and measure progress.  RICS promotes international standards that measure buildings and construction materials consistently, and that underpin global climate goals. These standards are implemented and regulated by RICS professionals the world over.
    • RICS, through initiatives such as the RICS School for the Built Environment in India, is addressing the skills gap and is building capacity for professionals on areas such as sustainability, energy efficiency, building resilience among other things. This is particularly important in the light of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s comments at COP21 that the lack of skills is a key barrier to development in emerging economies.

    On Thursday afternoon in Paris, RICS President Martin Bruehl FRICS will deliver a key message to partners of the Alliance on how international standards can drive investment in sustainable buildings.



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