• Secretary for Labour & Welfare Dr. LAW Chi Kwong visits MiC Display Centre

    17 May 2019

    (15 May 2019, Hong Kong) Dr. LAW Chi-kwong, the Secretary for Labour & Welfare of the HKSAR Government, visited the Construction Industry Council’s (CIC) MiC Display Centre today. The visit was led by Mr. CHAN Ka-kui, Chairman of the CIC, and Ir Albert CHENG, Executive Director of the CIC. Dr. LAW Chi-kwong commended the CIC for promoting innovative technology as well as developing cost-effective yet highly efficient construction methods, and thereby benefiting to the society.


    Mr. CHAN Ka-kui pointed out that various projects of elderly home and hostel in foreign countries were built by Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), CIC hoped this new method would help solve the local housing problems and social needs. At the same time, the construction industry has currently been facing challenges on site safety, manpower shortage, rising construction costs, etc. Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) adopts the concept of “factory assembly followed by on-site installation”. By using MiC, the building is substantially completed off-site and this can reduce the risk of working-at-height, shorten 20-30% of the construction time, enhance quality control and achieve a much better cost effectiveness.

    Ir Albert CHENG mentioned that the CIC had been actively encouraging innovation among the industry, including the adoption of the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), with an aim to boost productivity. The Construction Innovation Expo 2019 will also be held by the end of this year, and all of the initiatives are carried out with a view to work for the future development of the construction industry with innovative technologies.

    Opened in November 2018, the MiC Display Centre is the first building adopting MiC in Hong Kong, consisting of 10 modular units to showcase six types of show flats, including an exhibition area, a Hotel unit, a Hostel unit, an Elderly Home unit, a 3-bedroom Residential Flat and a 1-bedroom Residential Flat, each show flat is designed according to the actual living environment of Hong Kong.

    For more information about MiC Display Centre and booking guided tour, please visit www.cic.hk.





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