• Sing Yin Secondary School

    26 August 2012

    Green Building Award 2012 – Merit – New Building CategoryCompleted Building: Hong Kong

    The project is a 30classroomSecondary Schoolbuilt in accordance with Education and Manpower Bureau’s approved Schedule of Accommodation. 

    Sustainability and environmental efficiency were the prime targets for the design. The school buildings are successfully woven into the community fabric. Building blocks were located bearing in mind the neighbourhood. Not only is the school in total harmony with the surroundings, the blocks were positioned to create a larger open space in between itself and the adjacent school.

    Buildings are orientated and designed to enhance natural ventilation and cross ventilation and maximize natural lighting, yet blocking undesirable chilly wind in the winter, hot direct sunlight in the afternoon and the traffic noise fromNew Clear Water Bay Road. 

    Various types of energy efficient and low carbon emission (renewable energy) features such as photovoltaic panels, solar hot water systems, wind turbine, lift regenerative system were provided in the project to achieve optimum output and fulfil educational purpose.

    The design had carefully integrated vast amount of energy efficient features as part of the building. Horizontally mounted PV panels at roof were used as shelters to A/C units, vertically mounted panels formed part of the maintenance platforms and the thin film panels act as shading device to block off excessive direct sunlight. Greeneries were incorporated into every floor of the building for enjoyment by the students and to create a lively environment.

    Atriums at the middle of the blocks improve ventilation and lighting and at the same time, provide connection to the various floors. 

    The project had obtained the final certificate for HK beam with platinum rating on 28 March, 2012.

    More information on Green Building Award 2012 at www.gba.hk.




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