• Sino Group pledges support for HKSAR Government’s Initiatives to boost Hong Kong’s talent pool

    15 April 2024

    (12 April 2024, Hong Kong) Sino Group (“the Group”) has continually supported the Hong Kong government’s initiatives to attract top talent, assisting in the expansion of Hong Kong’s talent pool. As a partner of the Hong Kong Talent Engage (“HKTE”), the Group will render full support to the ” Global Talent Summit · Hong Kong ” organized by the HKTE in May this year. By joining hands with the government, the initiative strives to promote talent mobility and collaboration within the GBA, with the goal of attracting more outstanding professionals to advance their careers in Hong Kong.

    Additionally, the Group announces the launch of ‘Sino Talent Services Platform’, a one-stop solution to incoming talents that offers a comprehensive suite of services and exclusive privileges, covering on all aspect of living in Hong Kong, as well as employment and talent development programmes. This initiative will assist incoming talents in seamlessly integrating into Hong Kong society and embracing a new lifestyle, enabling them to broaden their networks, and fostering development opportunities, thereby infusing new energy into the economic expansion of Hong Kong.  

    Sino Talent Services Platform: Enabling Incoming Talents to Swiftly Integrate into the Hong Kong Community

    In February 2023, Sino Residential Leasing responded to the market’s pulse by unveiling the “Sino Talent Pass” privilege, offered preferential leasing terms for qualified professionals under the government’s Talent Admission Schemes. This initiative culminated in numerous successful tenancies and an exemplary leasing performance. With the influx of talent set to persist, the local housing demand is poised for sustained growth.

    Sino Talent Services Platform goes beyond offering short- and long-term residential choices and advice for individuals newly arrived in Hong Kong, the platform also extends its acumen to cater to the immediate corporate service needs of business professionals. By capitalizing on Sino Property Services and its diversified office portfolio, bespoke corporate services such as professional leasing and design solutions are offered. Furthermore, the platform delivers a suite of exclusive, one-stop lifestyle services, meticulously tailored to every nuance of daily life, from plush hotel stays to exclusive retail offers, ensuring a frictionless transition into Hong Kong living. Looking ahead, the Group is poised to form alliances with a broad spectrum of partners, aiming to provide a well-rounded suite of support services in essential areas such as risk and wealth management, healthcare, and education. This initiative is strategically designed to ease the transition for high-caliber talents, constructing a solid base that underpins their future accomplishments. The Group has also been actively engaged in close collaboration with government agencies, such as InvestHK, the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises, the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau, the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park, the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, and others. By organising corporate seminars, the Group will provide invaluable insights to professionals and entrepreneurs arriving in Hong Kong, facilitating their career advancement., and assist them in the building of robust personal networks, enhancing the exchange of talent and fostering greater cooperation moving forward.

    Ms. Bella Chhoa, Director of Asset Management of Sino Group, stated, “Sino Group firmly believes that the cornerstone of enduring economic growth is the attraction and cultivation of exceptional talent. As the government actively launches various initiatives to engage talent, our vision through ‘Sino Talent Services Platform’ is to leverage the Group’s expansive business network and resource strengths to deliver a one-stop living solution to talents arriving in Hong Kong. This service will encompass everything from essential living needs to broader employment and networking possibilities. Our aim is to support talents in swiftly acclimating to the local community, thus contributing new vitality to the city’s ongoing prosperity. ‘Sino Talent Services Platform’ serves as a hub for gathering extraordinary individuals, creating a dynamic ecosystem of talent connectivity. By fostering interactions and collaborations, as well as the exchange of knowledge and expertise, we strive to assist them in broadening their networks. We are dedicated to maintaining a close partnership with the Hong Kong Talent Engage to attract an ever-growing pool of talent to Hong Kong, thereby charting new courses for our economic expansion.”

    Sino Group Actively Cultivates Young Talents – Diversified Training Programmes and Support to Long-term Development

    The Group has always been dedicated to nurturing the younger generation by offering a variety of training and work experience programmes, such as Summer Internship Programme, Engineer Trainee Programme, and Corporate Management Trainee Programme. These initiatives are designed to lay the groundwork for young people’s professional careers. In recent years, the Hong Kong government has spared no effort in promoting the development of innovation and technology, with the determined goal of becoming an international innovation and technology hub. Keeping pace with the times, the Group established the “Sino Inno Lab” in 2018 to foster the growth of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology ecosystem. In late March, this expansion reached the northern metropolitan area, and simultaneously, “The Spark” was launched to provide an exclusive open exchange platform and a soft-landing pad for innovators. The Group sincerely welcomes innovation and technology talents to join Hong Kong, working together to enhance the city’s competitive edge. Sino Group will continue to support the Hong Kong government’s various talent attraction programmes. Through the one-stop solution to incoming talents “Sino Talent Services Platform” the Group provides the most personal and thoughtful care for talents settling in Hong Kong. This helps them quickly integrate into Hong Kong society and their new community while contributing to the construction of a diverse and vibrant community that drives innovation and development.

    For inquiry about Sino Talent Services Platform and Sino Talent Pass, please contact
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