• The 8th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum China—Implanting The Next Generation Business DNA

    2 March 2016

    Commercial property developers in China were seriously suffering and fast growing in the same 2015.


    Everyone is eager to find the next successful business model!

    In 2016, when we are frequently refreshed by Eslite Bookstore, MUJI flagship store, Shanghai Joy City (the second phase) and filled up with the words: the post 90s, niche consumers, lazy economic and product story in our mind… Consumer sovereignty era has come!

    The 8th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum China (APCREC8) found its label: the 36kr of commercial property industry. APCREC8 sets “Subversion & Leading” as guideline: Step out of the box, Think out of frame of commercial property; Cross-reference to refine business DNA leading next generation “consumption orbit”; and even to implant commercial DNA into projects which is undergoing an embarrassing moment with 360°diagnosis throng Creating Community, Building Appearance, Shaping Scene, and Cultivating Behavior 4 aspects.

    APCREC8 will be held on 24-25 May in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan China, organized by Linver Insights, to offer a grand wisdom share for over 400 commercial property developers’ management levels, Principals from leading architecture design groups, Founders from creative retailers, Community App operators and advanced solution providers.

    APCREC8 is not only a forum, but also a Crossover Show!


    Dropping out of traditional “commercial property” framework, cross-referencing successful model of “community economy”, refining business DNA.

    On Day One, in Attracting Consumers session, leading operators of affection community and product community like eLab, Home Away From Home, Aqua China and Ur Work will tell us what make these communities successfully catch heart of “Next Generation Consumer”? Also those who create Markthal Rotterdam, Preston Square, Dubai Design District, La Kagu, and Game Streetmekka will share how to say “Farewell” to traditional “Mall”, not to create a shopping mall but the place where gathering people. Further, two remarkable shopping mall cases in running customer experience, Joy City in China and Bluewater in Britain, will be presented to reveal what magic make costumers come in always? And finally, retailers, e-commerce operators who have been one step ahead in Integrated Commerce will bring new concepts in guiding consumers.

    APCREC8 is not only a forum, but also an INTERACTIVE SHOW!

    Dropping out of “speech and listen mode”, three Diagnosis Tracks—“Indoor” Scene, “Outdoor” Appearance and “Customer Flow” Management will be simultaneously launched on Day Two.  Pop-up experts team across the whole value chain directly target to project pains, renew business DNA and find out match-making prototype. Each delegate is not only to listen, but to speak out ideas and concerns to join project diagnosis together.

    APCREC8 is not only a forum, but also an EXPERIENCE SHOW!

    Enjoying more intuitive feeling than only paperwork case study, imitating conference venue to the place stimulating your five senses and making you feel like a real party, to experience Future Digital Store in person.

    May 24-25 in 2016, let us to find out the next generation commercial DNA. The next hot prototype of successful business model will be launched in APCREC8.

    Website: http://www.linver-insights.com/apcrec8/index_en.html

    More Information: +86 21 5100 1880 / [email protected]


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