• The Royale, by Wong Tung & Partners

    20 June 2024

    Build4Asia Awards 2024 – Winner
     Architecture – Residential (Completed Projects)

    Exclusive Seaside Living at The Royale, by Wong Tung & Partners

    Sitting in the esteemed Castle Peak Road – Castle Peak Bay, The Royale is nestled within a traditional luxury residential district. Overlooking the picturesque Golden Beach, it offers residents unparalleled vistas and a serene coastal lifestyle. The presence of nearby amenities such as the HK Gold Coast Hotel and Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club provides convenient access to a range of recreational and leisure activities. Residents can indulge in a variety of pursuits, from water sports to fine dining, all within close proximity. Experience a harmonious blend of natural beauty and leisurely pursuits in this exceptional residential enclave.

    The Royale is a prestigious residential development that epitomizes seaside resort living. With its integrated yacht club design and meticulous attention to detail, it offers an exceptional living experience. Comprising six buildings, The Royale features meticulously designed entrance lobbies that create a grand welcome for residents and visitors. Every aspect of the complex is thoughtfully crafted to embody the essence of “Seaside Resort Living,” enveloping you in a luxurious and serene atmosphere from the moment you arrive.

    The architectural design seamlessly blends leisure and luxury, reflecting a deep understanding of the coastal vacation lifestyle. Carefully curated exterior and interior elements evoke a captivating coastal vacation ambiance, from elegant facades to carefully selected materials and finishes that exude relaxation and sophistication.

    Beyond aesthetics, The Royale provides a comprehensive living experience with a wide range of amenities and facilities. From exquisite swimming pools and well-equipped fitness centre to lush landscaped gardens and serene relaxation areas, every space is designed to enhance residents’ quality of life. The development’s prime location offers easy access to the beach, allowing residents to fully embrace the coastal lifestyle. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls, water sports, or sun-soaked relaxation, the beach is just moments away.

    Green design, sustainable lifestyle

    We prioritize incorporating as many green spaces as possible into our design, making room for lush gardens, vertical green walls, or rooftop gardens to enhance biodiversity, air quality, and overall well-being. When designing the site, we make sure to carefully consider keeping the existing trees and integrating them into the design as the main features, sources of shade, or elements that improve the overall visual attractiveness. Our project demonstrates how the design works together with the natural environment rather than displacing it.

    The air ventilation corridor, formed by the strategic disposition of the towers, serves as a pathway for natural light and fresh air to flow through the neighbourhood. This enhances the overall air quality, creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment for residents. Improved ventilation also helps mitigate the impact of air pollution and reduces the reliance on artificial cooling systems, promoting sustainable practices.

    The delicate layout and orientation of buildings optimize natural light penetration into communal spaces. This brings numerous benefits, including reduced energy consumption for lighting, better visibility, and a more uplifting and inviting atmosphere. Ample natural light has been shown to positively impact mental health, productivity, and overall well-being.

    To highlight the value of integrating ample natural lighting and ventilation into the central garden and clubhouse spaces, the clubhouse is oriented southward with high ceilings to maximize sunlight penetration, reduce energy consumption, and create a pleasant indoor environment.

    By strategically placing the swimming pool at the centre of the site, it will provide a cooling effect and create a refreshing environment for the residents. This is an innovative way to explore water management practices that achieve water consumption reduction and sustainable operation.


    The “Setting Sail” motif is skillfully integrated into the building facade of Club Royale, inviting residents to embark on a captivating journey of exploration. Inspired by the world of sailing, this development exudes a compelling sense of freedom and adventure. The white lines artfully mirror the billowing sails of a yacht, serving as a symbolic representation of navigating the renowned “gold coast” area. The tilting white architectural feature on the tower curtain wall beautifully emulates a sail catching the wind, leaving a lasting visual impression that is both captivating and engaging.

    Strategically designed, the vertical pipe duct, clad in white tiles, resembles a sailboat mast, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality to achieve a truly remarkable and striking exterior.

    At the podium level, an atmosphere of harmonious sailing is meticulously crafted through the implementation of a white aluminium sun shading canopy and timber-like aluminium elements. These additions not only enhance the visual allure but also reinforce the overarching sailing motif, evoking the essence of sailboats and maritime settings.

    The existing site’s complex topography presents a major challenge for creating a functional and visually pleasing layout. Elevation variations necessitate careful consideration for accessibility, circulation, and integrating project elements. To address this, split-level configurations will be utilized for the clubhouse, podium green area, and garden units, ensuring they blend harmoniously with the terrain.

    Preserving existing trees and incorporating the landscape and playground within the topography poses design difficulties. Innovative solutions like terracing, retaining walls, or elevated platforms may be necessary to seamlessly integrate landscape components while maintaining functionality and visual appeal.

    The challenging topography adds complexity to the project’s structural and engineering aspects. The plan should account for varying foundation requirements, retaining walls, and slope stabilization measures. Collaboration with experienced structural engineers and geotechnical experts ensures safety and stability.

    Despite the site’s constraints, creating a cohesive and visually appealing project is crucial. Careful planning and attention to detail are required to seamlessly integrate preserved trees, split-level structures, and landscape features while maintaining a harmonious design language. Balancing functional requirements, environmental considerations, and overall aesthetics is the key challenge.

    Our project prioritizes the preservation of existing trees, vital to the local ecosystem. These trees offer shade, habitat for wildlife, and aesthetic beauty. By safeguarding them, we retain greenery and a connection to nature, benefiting the physical and mental health of community members.

    The project includes ample green spaces for residents to unwind, relax, and socialize. These areas enhance the neighbourhood’s beauty and provide sanctuaries for residents to connect with nature. They foster community cohesion, outdoor activities, and a sense of belonging. Preserved trees and dedicated greenery also create habitats for diverse wildlife, promoting biodiversity and environmental conservation.


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