• URA Supports Government’s New Initiatives on Housing

    16 October 2019

    In response to the announcement made by the Chief Executive in the 2019 Policy Address today (Wednesday) on the new initiatives on housing, a spokesman of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) said the URA welcomes the Government’s new initiatives and will render its full support. Relevant studies will be undertaken to devise the implementation framework for submission to the URA Board for deliberation and approval.

    Committed to pushing forward the renewal of old urban districts, the URA will secure resources for the implementation of the new housing initiatives (see Appendix) in the coming years to help meet the housing needs and improve the living environment of the people in Hong Kong.

    With regard to the redevelopment of buildings under the Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Society Scheme (CBS), the URA has initially identified two clusters of CBS sites as pilot projects. Relevant technical assessments are in progress and the URA expects to commence the projects early next year.

    In light of Government’s announcement made earlier on its plan to enhance four building rehabilitation subsidy schemes, namely Operation Building Bright 2.0, Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme, Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme and Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners, the URA will provide additional resources to take forward the implementation of these schemes so as to assist more needy owners to properly maintain and repair their buildings, in the hope of ultimately slowing down the pace of urban decay.


    New housing initiatives in the 2019 Policy Address – The URA-related sections
    Transitional housing

     “URA, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong Construction Association and other organisations will offer professional advice and project management support to community groups participating in transitional housing projects.”

    Provision of more Starter Homes (SH) or other types of Subsidies Sale Flats (SSF)

     “I will entrust URA with a new mission to actively provide more SH or other types of SSFs in its redevelopment projects in light of the successful implementation of its first SH project at Ma Tau Wai Road early this year. The Government will provide resources as appropriate to enable URA to continue carrying out its urban renewal mission”.

    Redevelopment of buildings under the Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Society Scheme

     “URA has already identified two clusters of sites, involving more than 30 CBS buildings in Kowloon City suitable for redevelopment as a pilot project. URA plans to announce early next year the commencement of the redevelopment of these buildings to maximise the development potential of the concerned sites. Some of the resumed land will be earmarked for public housing development, and the total number of public and private flats after redevelopment is estimated to be five times the existing number”.

    For enquiries, please contact: Mr Jonathan Lai (2588 2306/ 9733 1550) / Ms Wendy Lam (2588 2457)


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