• Weber ECO Tile Adhesive series by Saint-Gobain Weber HK

    5 January 2021

    Saint-Gobain Weber (Hong Kong) Building Material Co., Ltd specialises in the manufacture of industrial mortar products, including renders and decorative finishes, tile fixing system, floor screeds, technical mortars and waterproofing solutions.


    The new launched environmental friendly tile adhesive is designed for fixing wide range of tiles and stones, weberset TF eco and weberset TF eco plus exclusive patented formula uses new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products to reduce CO2 emissions and the need to consume natural resources. Aligned with Weber brand signature ‘we care’, these adhesives benefits customer with ‘Comfort Engineered which are creamier in texture, effortless to apply and less irritating to body skin, makes it become the easiest tile adhesive to apply in the market.

    Alongside its products, Saint-Gobain Weber (Hong Kong) offers services such as technical support and training, providing specifiers, developers, and contractors with substantial support before, during and after project periods. It also prioritises sustainability, accelerating the uptake of Net Zero Carbon Buildings – with an eye to achieving 100% by 2050.

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