• WKCDA Welcomes Policy Address Measures to Boost Hong Kong’s Cultural Metropolis Status

    20 January 2017

    (18 January 2017, Hong Kong) The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) welcomes the enhanced financial arrangement for the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) announced by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mr C Y Leung, in his Policy Address today. The enhanced financial arrangement committed by the HKSAR Government will provide the WKCDA with a stable source of funding to support its sustainable operation and development of the planned arts and cultural facilities in the WKCD.


    westklnApart from the opening of M+ Pavilion last July, work is already well under way on the development of the first batch and most of the second batch of key arts and culture facilities in the District, including the Xiqu Centre, the M+ Museum, the Lyric Theatre Complex and the Art Park (including Freespace). With the Government’s enhanced financial arrangement, WKCDA can now take forward the planning of other arts and cultural facilities in the WKCD,particularly the Music Centre, in line with the organic growth approach.

    Mr Duncan Pescod, Chief Executive Officer of WKCDA said, “The investment in cultural and artistic development requires long-term and strategic thinking. The announcement today once again demonstrates the vision and commitment of the HKSAR Government to investing in arts and culture in Hong Kong. The WKCDA is also firmly committed to developing the WKCD into an integrated district blending arts, education and open space and promoting the sustainable development of cultural and creative industries. We will work closely with the Government in the coming months in order to flesh out the details of the enhanced financial arrangement.”

    “Arts and culture are recognised worldwide as essential elements in a thriving cosmopolitan city. The WKCDA will continue to promote Hong Kong as a cultural metropolis by enhancing our communication and co-operation with stakeholders, arts, cultural and other professional groups. With this clear indication of further support from the Government, WKCDA is confident in the future success of the District and fulfilment of its vision. We will be able to do even more to promote local talent and deliver a world-class arts hub that will make everyone proud,” said Mr Pescod.






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