• Zodiac Lighting Showroom New Look, New Experience

    15 June 2015

    ZODIAC LIGHTING is always the symbol of stylish home enrichment. In order to provide advanced and pleasing environment for our valuable customers, our refurbished flagship store at Morrison Hill Road was reopened on 8 April, to inspire our customers in making more considered and creative choices, enhancing their daily life with the power of light.


    Located in the heart of lighting solutions, Zodiac Lighting has two stores at Wan Chai, the ZODIAC and the ZODIAC ProLux, offering extensive choices of lighting fixtures. The ZODIAC is a two-storey showroom displaying items of famous lighting brands all over the world.

    Being a popular store among interior designers, Zodiac established a set of rules for store design. Every single detail of the showroom is under serious consideration and done by profound effort of our experienced designers. Zodiac designers have been trying their best to utilize each brand’s characters with the ever-changing trends to build the best showroom in time.

    As one of the biggest lighting showroom in Hong Kong Island for many years, Zodiac is experienced in lighting displays. Customers feel like home when they arrive, with sizable designs on the ground floor; lights in small size at the upper floor, framing a home with living room, aisle and bedroom. The use of different materials and texture of the floor design at G/F and 1/F further enrich the feeling of home which allows our customers to envision the style at home easily and pick the best choice.

    Zodiac designers wish to create visual impact to the audience by mixing and matching the wall decorations, furniture and wallpaper of different colours, wishing to create new insight for our customers. By making good use of materials in different textures and colours, for instances, marble, black steel and black glasses. Not only balancing the colour used in the showroom, but also enlightening customer experience on the mix-and-match of lighting and home furniture.

    The new ZODIAC is more spacious, focusing on fine lightings products. Accentuating space management through flexible coordination of stylish while practical designs, the ZODIAC is divided into several zones, letting our customers to taste different styles and made their best choice. To create more inspiration for our customers, the displays and decorations in ZODIAC will change from time to time.

    The two main sections of the zones are divided by Brand and Usage. The Brand zone displaying items with distinctive brand characters, customers will find items with similar features nearby for easy reference. At the usage zone, there is an extensive choice of lighting fixtures, such as desk lamp, wall and floor lights, allowing customers to compare and select.

    The lighting displays in the refurbished ZODIAC showroom are arranged in an extraordinary way. Customers can easily spot out their preference out of the lighting jungle. The spacious arrangement allows the design and effects shine, and more importantly, minimize the chance of misjudgement due to other light effects nearby.
    With the long history of Zodiac Lighting, we have always been working as the best partner, we know the trends in time and understand our customer needs. Apart from providing consultations for interior design and light management, Zodiac will also give professional advises on product maintenance and other product knowledge. We hope our customers can experience more than ordinary One-Stop Service.



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