• Aedas-designed Trojena Ski Village: A futuristic ski destination in NEOM

    18 March 2024

    The world’s first vertical ski village

    Responding to the client’s simple yet complex brief to ‘create something never seen before’, Aedas came up with a disruptive new paradigm for ski village typology. ‘For millennia, ski villages have had the same formula with multiple plots and buildings connected by roads. We challenged this convention by asking what if the village could be a building. This led us to dream up a superstructure that has the scale of a village but with all the connections and mobility happening vertically across several levels’, Aedas Middle East Global Design Principal Ignacio Gomez explains.

    Exceptional views and play of natural light

    The ski village is divided into five major zones connected through the roof and ground floor. The open ground floor is a celebration space for the public to enjoy a continuous activated landscape year-round. The residential apartments offer prominent views of the lake and ski slopes while the sloping roof not only provides the opportunity for sports but also houses rooftop cafés and pocket gardens to enjoy a new urban experience seamlessly embedded into the landscape of the slopes.


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