• Aedas designs a gateway to Belt and Road

    5 April 2017

    Aedas has designed the Nansha Kingboard Free Trade Zone mixed-use project, located in Guangzhou, the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road.

    Located on an elongated, irregular-shaped plot, the site offers fantastic views of the Jiaomen River and Phoenix Lake.

    The architecture presents a sense of grandeur much like a gateway to the Belt and Road. The building form, a series of stacking geometric blocks, enables a diverse range of silhouettes from different perspectives and capitalises upon the surrounding river and lake views.

    The skin is simple and elegant in contrast to the complex building form. The horizontal fins act as sun-shading devices to moderate the internal environment. While the project is situated in a prime location, the irregular-shaped plot and proximity to metro tracks posed challenges to the design.

    As a solution, the upper portion of the building rotates by 45 degrees to maximise views and the gross floor area, while meeting local setback requirements and fire codes.


    More information at www.aedas.com.





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