• BEC EnviroSeries Conference (27 November 2015)

    20 November 2015

    Eco-innovation in the Transition to A Low Carbon and Resource Efficient Economy


    Hong Kong ranks 11th overall on a recent Global Innovation Index covering 141 economies globally. But how is it performing in terms of eco-innovation? A global transition to a low carbon sustainable economy brings considerable business potential to develop new products, design buildings innovatively and creatively, implement new technologies, and develop advanced approaches to manage buildings and logistics. What is the role of Hong Kong SAR Government in supporting and accelerating eco-innovation so that Hong Kong businesses are in the lead? How can the business community work together to grasp these opportunities?

    Industry experts, policy makers, business leaders and academics have a growing interest in eco-innovative solutions that can reduce carbon footprints, save energy, and increase resource efficiency. But what is the scope of eco-innovation? According to OECD research, there is considerable potential for eco-innovation in three areas, industry, social infrastructure (energy and transportation), and our personal lifestyle. Our focus at this event is on the overarching framework to support eco-innovation and specifically on eco-innovation to address pollution and ensure better air quality and to support a transition to an efficient and low carbon economy.

    For the social infrastructure in Hong Kong, energy consumption and pollution are critical environmental issues. The Environment Bureau published the Energy Saving Plan for the Built Environment 2015~2025+ in May 2015, as well as the Blueprint on Sustainable Use of Resources and the Clean Air Action Plan in previous years.. Across the border in the Mainland, we see the government developing its policy framework, combined with identifying strategic emerging industries and developing a green finance strategy. Here in Hong Kong, is the policy and institutional framework sufficient to enable and encourage business to innovate? What more needs to be done to position Hong Kong’s businesses so they can make the most of these opportunities?

    Driving eco-innovation is not only about what government can do but what business can do to seize the opportunities offered by a transition to a cleaner and lower carbon city. To achieve the energy saving targets and reduce carbon emissions, what strategies can Hong Kong’s businesses adopt? What can they do to adapt and implement innovative business models and clean technologies?

    In this Conference, BEC will bring together industry experts, policy makers, business leaders and academics to discuss and explore innovative solutions and technologies that can facilitate sustainable development of our city and contribute to the strength of Hong Kong’s economy. There are opportunities here that must not be missed.


    Date : 27 November 2015 (Friday)

    Time : 9:30 to 17:05

    Venue : JW Marriott Hong Kong


    For additional information, please contact:

    Ms Phoebe Hung, Senior Manager – Events

    E: [email protected] | T: (+852) 2784-3968 │Fax: (+852) 2784-6699




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