• Gilgen Door Systems – when first impressions say it all!

    4 July 2013

    Today, when image and style speak volumes and also leave a lasting and indelible impression, something as basic as the entrance to premises or offices can influence the image your company conveys to potential clients and customers.

    prc 66 462With a presence in Hong Kong and Macau for more than 10 years, AUB Ltd. (and its predecessor Kaba Ltd.) is acknowledged as a key industry player in the provision of 21st century door access solutions, including its role as the exclusive partner and distributor of Gilgen from Switzerland.

    prc 66 458Founded in 1961, and with more than 50 years experience in automatic door technology, Gilgen Door Systems is a proven provider of innovative solutions for automatic door applications, such as the full-height platform screen doors used across Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Rail (MTR) system.

    Bespoke Gilgen flush sliding door systems are also available, and instill a sense of arrival, into architect-designed surroundings, such as the 416 Gilgen sliding doors installed in One Island East and the 96 Gilgen sliding doors installed in 28 Hennessy Road, both in Hong Kong. Gilgen Door Systems’ product portfolio also includes automatic sliding doors for all kinds of applications, industrial door systems and automatic wall systems.

    Space is a premium in today’s high-cost Asia real estate market and something as basic as the style of doors installed into premises can drastically alter the total area of usable space available in offices, conference rooms and exhibition spaces. Security is also of paramount concern in the world today, be it in office premises, conference venues or residential premises.

    prc 66 427The Gilgen SLX-F Flush Sliding Door system incorporates unique Gilgen SLX drive technology, enabling sliding wings to open inward into recesses behind side panels and be integrated into interior building facades. Elegant and stylish, entrances seamlessly merge into the overall surroundings or architectural design.

    Gilgen sliding doors are offered in a wide selection of materials, including full glass execution, resulting in smooth, quiet and safe operation. TUV approved [DIN18650-1] Gilgen sliding door systems also feature built-in safety monitoring sensors and emergency operation batteries for continuous operation for 30 minutes in the event of power failure, reverting to manual operation at the end of this time period.

    prc 66 409An additional feature of Gilgen sliding door systems is the choice of two safety monitoring sensors.

    The Closing Edge Monitoring Sensor incorporates an active-infrared detector and monitors the space in front of flush sliding doors. Should a person be present in this zone, the flush sliding door remains open. The detection field of the protection curtain is also sensitivity adjustable.

    The Gap Monitoring Sensor is a passive-infrared motion detector with flush-type mounting in a false ceiling and monitors the space between the flush sliding door and the lift shaft door. If a person is present in this zone, the flush sliding door remains open. The detection field of this protection curtain is also sensitivity adjustable.

    Providing visually attractive, space-saving, technology-driven door solutions, Gilgen sliding doors complement and enhance interior spaces and exterior building entrances in line with inspired architectural design and interior décor.

    More information at: www.gilgendoorsystems.com.


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