• How Technology and Innovation Revolutionised Lighting

    2 January 2016


    Advancements made in outdoor and indoor lighting encompass advertising and signage, industrial and underground lighting and various smart lighting as well as the latest regulatory demands and environmental innovations, and has excited a wide range of stakeholders such as manufacturers and developers, designers and architects, all eager to exploit the endless creative possibilities made possible by LED.

    Compared to traditional technologies, the new generation of LED lightboxes are energy saving, carrying the advantages of being much slimmer than light tube lightboxes, light and convenient to install in almost any location, suspended or standalone with much better aesthetics. When coupled with the new framing technology of plastic edging around the graphic, the canvas made of wrinkle-free non PVC material, can bIMG_8668e easily transported, replaced and customized to all dimensions, specifications and shapes, in accordance to client’s needs and business goals.

    The framing structure & fabric as well as the employment of LED lights are so versatile that they now account for 90% of the European market in a broad array of uses including in shopping malls, at major exhibitions and events; and in a breath-taking array of new applications, the renowned IFC Mall in Hong Kong adopting this framing technology and fabric to great success.

    A facet of outdoor lighting, transformed by innovations and application of smart technology, is the business value it now brings. Stylish designs, coupled with smart technologies, add value and allure to new projects. Take the erstwhile mundane streetlights for example, no longer will they be used only for illumination, but they also will serve as the carrier of all other applications such as mobile car charging, security system, 4G signals emitter and GPS,
    forming an invisible grid of unlimited potential.

    Photo provided by Art King www.artking.com.hk


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