• Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s Cloud Pavilion opens in Shanghai

    28 September 2016


    Contributing to the regeneration and development of the West Bund area of Shanghai, Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen have completed a permanent exhibition and art pavilion on the riverside promenade.

    The pavilion is a redesigned, permanent version of the Cloud Pavilion built for the West Bund Biennale of Contemporary Art and Architecture in 2013. The original Cloud Pavilion had two white surfaces and 20,000 pieces of white rope, and was meant as a counterpoint to the cranes on the Huangpu River waterfront. The new version retains the steel structure of the original, giving at least 100m² of space for exhibitions and other events, and has a kitchen with storage space.

    SHL partner Chris Hardie said: “The new pavilion creates a singular space in the form of an extruded glass cloud. The cloud shape, in plan, directly relates to the cartoon-like form associated with how a child would draw a cloud, and how clouds are often seen depicted in traditional Chinese prints.”

    Visit shl.dk for more details.






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