• Swire pledges additional HK$150 million for TrustTomorrow

    26 March 2021

    Swire is pleased to announce that it has injected an additional HK$150 million into Swire Trust, the Group’s philanthropic arm, to fund around 30 inspirational projects that drive lasting and positive change in the Hong Kong community, under the TrustTomorrow initiative.


    The additional HK$150 million funding will boost Swire Trust’s charitable efforts in Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, the three focus areas within the TrustTomorrow initiative. The projects will be funded over a period of one to three years to encourage youth empowerment, provide equal opportunities for vulnerable groups to flourish, and create social inclusion for the long-term benefit of the city.

    Swire first launched the TrustTomorrow initiative in early 2020 to support several local COVID-19 relief programmes, meeting the immediate needs of the most vulnerable in Hong Kong and benefitting over 310,000 people to date.

    “Swire has deep roots in Hong Kong that go back 150 years, and we are determined to see Hong Kong thrive for the long term. Through the philanthropic work of Swire Trust and our operating companies, we have a proud track record of contributing to the development of civil society and building strong communities over the years,” said Patrick Healy, Chairman of the Philanthropy Council. “As Hong Kong copes with the extraordinary effects of COVID-19, it is even more important to instill positivity and to continue our community support. This funding for the TrustTomorrow initiative will deepen the impact of our philanthropic work, enabling Swire and our NGO partners to collectively strengthen the long-term sustainability of our community while reaffirming Swire’s confidence in the future of Hong Kong.”

    Each of the projects supported by the HK$150 million funding will have its own unique goals and vision. Collectively, they aim to fulfill Swire Trust’s vision of building a diverse and inclusive Hong Kong where opportunities for education and cultural enrichment are open to all, and the city’s unique marine ecosystems are sustained for future generations. The projects will involve the partnership of around 30 non-profits and change makers from the social sector. Many of them will require collaborative efforts among NGO partners, thereby building synergies between different projects for greater impact.

    Click here to view the thematic video of TrustTomorrow, and follow TrustTomorrow’s Facebook and Linkedin pages to learn more.


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