• The Chevalier Group Scholarship recognises outstanding engineering students for the 5th consecutive year

    17 August 2023

    (15 August 2023, Hong Kong) The Chevalier Group has always placed great emphasis on talent development, particularly on bringing new impetus to the industry through education and training.


    Mr KUOK Hoi Sang M.H. (Chairman and Managing Directorof Chevalier Group)

    In 2018, the Group established the Chevalier Group Scholarship for full-time Vocational Training Council (“VTC”) students of Higher Diploma and Diploma of Vocational Education in the Engineering disciplines. Over the past four years, 160 outstanding engineering students have been awarded the Scholarship totalling HK$4 million. A presentation ceremony was held earlier to present scholarships to the 40 awardees for the 2022-2023 academic year, accumulating the number of benefitted students in five years to 200.

    The Chevalier Group Scholarship aims to recognize VTC engineering students who excel in their academics and are eager to advance their professional skill, with scholarship of HK$10,000 and HK$40,000 granted to Diploma and Higher Diploma students respectively. At the presentation ceremony, Mr H S Kuok, Chairman and Managing Director of the Chevalier Group, remarked, “The Chevalier Group Scholarship has entered into its fifth year since its establishment in 2018, making this year a remarkable one. While the number of students benefitted from the Scholarship is reaching 200, the Group this year has extended our support to the programme through sharing our over 50 years wealth of experience in the industry with the students, in addition to the annual Scholarship of HK$1 million.”

    The construction industry is currently undergoing transformation among which the MiC (Modular Integrated Construction) technology has brought significant changes to the entire sector. Aiming at helping to promote the latest MiC technology, seminar and visit on the topic of MiC were organised for VTC engineering students. The two activities have seen the keen participation of more than 150 lecturers and students with highly positive feedback.

    Mr H S Kuok continued, “Going forward, the Chevalier Group will continue to maintain our close collaboration with VTC to explore the possibility of further joint efforts. We aspire to work hand in hand to groom engineering talents for the Hong Kong construction industry. I hope that the Scholarship will be a strong boost to encourage the awardees to get equipped with the latest knowledge and experience and contribute to the development of the engineering and construction industry in Hong Kong.”

    For more details, please visit: chevalier.com.


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