• The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards 2015

    17 June 2016

    (6 June 2016, Hong Kong) To promote architectural excellence and uphold professional industry standard and practices, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) announced the results of HKIA Annual Awards 2015 today. Architectural Services Department of HKSAR Government received 5 awards this year, namely Hong Kong East Community Green Station, Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School and The Renovation Works of the Court of Final Appeal. 


    The Renovation Works of the Court of Final Appeal, designed by Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government, is awarded as HKIA Medal of the Year of Hong Kong & Special Architectural Award – Heritage and Adaptive Reuse.

    HKIA Annual Awards 2015 was organised since 1965. In order to recognize and praise the most iconic buildings in the past 60 years, the HKIA has proudly presented the HKIA Annual Awards 2015 Exhibition cum 60th Anniversary Award Exhibitionat the Pacific Place from 9 June to 12 June. Approximately 60 of the most outstanding and distinguished awards winning projects will be displayed to recall the social contribution of local architects.

    HKIA Annual Awards 2015

    President’s Message

    It is my pleasure and honour to have The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (“HKIA”) 60th Anniversary logo marked in the HKIA Annual Awards 2015 Commemorative Publication and Exhibition. I hope that you are proud of enjoying.

    During its “60 Years of Designing Hong Kong”, HKIA members have created iconic yet people-oriented architectural landmarks that enriched the local substance in the hustle and bustle city life and shaped up our ever changing cityscape.

    I would like to record my congratulations to all the winners and finalists who took part in Annual Awards 2015. With such a creative and competent members around, I am sure the HKIA will continue to grow from strength to strength in the years to come.

    I very much look forward to receiving your invaluable support to HKIA Diamond Jubilee in 2016! 



    The 280-meter-tall Lumina Shanghai, developed by Henderson Land Group and designed by Gensler, is the tallest skyscraper in the Xuhui Riverside District.

    A sophisticated yet modern setting was derived by juxtaposition of Indochine-Vietnamese features and wood-fire inspired material palettes. Re-interpretation of the spatial order of a typical Indochine-Vietnamese mansion has been adopted to give hierarchy, layers and details to the space.


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