• The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors launches “Touring Central with Surveyors” in conjunction with “Appreciate Hong Kong” campaign

    16 March 2016

    The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) kicked off its “Touring Central with Surveyors, 2016” event today as part of the Hong Kong Government’s “Appreciate Hong Kong” Campaign.


    “Touring Central with Surveyors” is a month-long series of tours that promote the city development of Hong Kong and helps educating the public about surveyors’ roles in the city’s development cycle, across areas such as land, planning, construction, financial and property management.

    Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, MH, JP, Secretary of Development, Development Bureau and the HKIS President Sr Lau Chun-kong officiate  the kick-off ceremony.

    Mr Paul Chan,  Secretary for Development of the HKSAR Government, said, “Touring Central with Surveyors is part of the Appreciate Hong Kong Campaign in order to let the public learn more about Hong Kong. Along the way, we are appreciating Central and appreciating Hong Kong as our home. Understanding Central allow us to also learn about the development path of Hong Kong. Thus,  we can work together to make Hong Kong a better place for everyone.”

    “Touring Central with Surveyors” was first launched in 2015 with over 250 participants joined. The overwhelming response from the public and media encouraged the HKIS to hold this event again this year.  Taking Central as a starting point, the HKIS aims to arouse the public’s interest in issues concerning their daily lives from another perspective, like living space, community facilities, land use, and building related problems.

    “The Central district was selected in this tour for its historical, political and economic significance, and its remarkable architectural characteristics that form the heart of Hong Kong Island’s dynamic cityscapes. This tour will lead the public to view the city’s development from surveyor’s perspective and at the same time raise the awareness of the profession carried out by surveyors”said the HKIS President Sr Lau Chun-kong.

    The HKIS is committed to promoting the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong’s real estate and construction industries. “Encouraging the public to appreciate and understand the built environment we enjoy today will ensure future generations continue to uphold Hong Kong’s high standard for smart growth and development,” added Lau.

    ”Touring Central with Surveyors” 2016  launched on 12 March and runs through 16 April 2016. The tour route included the Wing On Centre Footbridge network, International Finance Centre, Central Market, Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System, Gage Street, Graham Street, Caine Road and Robinson Road. To join one of the 20 surveyors’ tours, please register at the http://hkis.org.hk/en/newsroom_event_details.php?id=3677


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