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    23 January 2013

    The highly successful result of adventurous enterprise, Poliform, available at your local ViA store, is a leading player on the international furniture scene. 

    The company bases its vision on the search for quality by updating its lines, by staying on point with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends. 

    Design has always been an intrinsic part of Poliform’s ethos of production. By constantly striving to satisfy their customers’ needs, the company has always been focused on stylistic and technological research on totally down-to-earth projects aimed at guaranteeing optimum quality. 

    Poliform Bolton – designed by Giuseppe Viganò
    Bolton Bed


    BOLTON 01Variety is the word used to define this collection with a variety of proposals and various ideas for the night area. Functionality, design and emotions are joined together in beds with a strong personality. 

    Abundant shapes and soft volumes come together to create a whole of clean and essential lines and the backrest can even be lifted up while sitting. 

    Conceived to really satisfy any resting requirements, this system also includes mattresses, pillows and complements. To complete the choice there are dedicated containers, coherent in style, along with one multipurpose series, which can be freely combined.

    Upholstered bed frames with removable coverings come in leather and fabric and are available with fixed or anatomic bedstead or container box with tip-up bedstead. Upholstered headboards are covered either in removable fabric or non-removable leather and the headboard is divided into two cushions, each with adjustable heights and two separate positions. 

    Bolton Sofas and Armchairs Collection 

    SINGOLE_Pagina_06_Immagine_0001The sofas and armchairs collection: in the living area there is a full coherence between modular systems, complements and the elements dedicated to comfort. Collaborating with prestigious international designers, Poliform completes its offer with a variety of proposals that underline versatility. 

    A series of different armchairs and sofas, the Bolton range explores a wide range of aesthetical approaches and to become part of a full ‘Home project’, where every piece of furniture matches with the other, in a highly harmonious interior design project.

    Seatbacks are flexible in moulded polyurethane, are adjustable in height and come in three positions. Seat cushions are made with flexible polyurethane are are available with different densities and springs. Final stretched covering, which sits over polyester pre-covered padding, comes with removable in-fabric or non removable in eco-leather and leather.

    Poliform Big Bed – designed by Paola Navone 

    SINGOLE_Pagina_03_Immagine_0001An evolution of the armchairs Bug and Big Bug, the new bed by Paola Navone offers and extra-large look and adds an informal style to the sleeping area. 

    Once again variety is the word best used to define this collection which features eleven different proposals, providing eleven ideas for the night area. These beds have a strong personality and design functionality, a hallmark of Poliform lifestyle furniture. 

    To complete the choice there are dedicated containers, coherent in style, along with one multipurpose series which can be freely combined. Conceived to really satisfy any resting requirements, this system also includes mattresses, pillow and complements. The upholstered bed frame comes with a headboard covered in removable fabric, eco-leather or leather and is available with right or left arms or without arm. 

    My Life, My Style 

    Continuous research into style always aims to successfully interpret contemporary living trends and come up with the freest possible approach to choose from what is on offer. 

    The Poliform brand is today synonymous with luxury lifestyle and excellence in quality. Their numerous lines include systems and furnishings for the whole house. 

    ViA stores are renowned for providing home owners unrivalled choices of world-class European furniture and kitchen brands, dedicated to the idea of promoting the idea of ‘My Life, My Style’. 

    Now with ViA your home can be a unique and stylish statement. 

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