• Zhongtai Residential Development – Oasis in a Pacy City

    31 July 2023

    Situated in the Nanyou district in central Nanshan area of Shenzhen, the Zhongtai Residential Development consists of a 5-storey podium and above it a 33-storey residential building providing 238 units. On account of the site’s lack of pleasant greenery, the design’s primary objective is to inject vitality and improve the urban interface.

    ‘The premise is to create an urban oasis, so the project will be a locus of calm and respite in the fast-growing city,’ explains Cary Lau, Aedas Global Design Principal.

    The main pedestrian entrance, ancillary retail and community services are located on the east side of the project. The first and second floors of the podium are reserved for retail use, and the third as well as the fourth are where above-ground parking is proposed; on top of them there is a roof garden.

    The decision to allocate parking spaces to above ground accords greater opportunities for inserting green landscape space, in the same way that the podium floor plates retreats for the creation of green platforms. The residential tower is also raised to afford better view and a quieter environment.

    At the drop-off area and lobby, the design creates a rich green space to conjure an affable, home-like feeling: pebbles and trees on both sides, boulevard along vehicular entrance, and a backlit feature wall at the center.

    The floor finish and water features also extend from the exterior to the interior that ensures a consistent and seamless entry experience.

    On the tower façade, besides interpellating milky glass and aluminium louver materials, the timber pattern with aluminium cladding are low-emitting materials used to improve indoor air quality; Insulated Glazing Units are adopted to minimise solar heat gain, demonstrating adherence to the eco-conscious objective. Adding into the mix beige and royal grey stone on the podium, the overall façade becomes variegated and pleasing on the eyes.

    ‘The design explores alternatives to maximise green public space, and achieves the ideal of placemaking. Our hope is to create an architecture that promotes people’s well-being as well as strengthen urban relations.’ — Aedas Global Design Principal Cary Lau.

    Project: Zhongtai Residential Development
    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Design Architect: Aedas
    Client: Shenzhen Zhong Lian Ye Trading Co. Ltd.
    Gross Floor Area: 22,700 sq m
    Design Director: Cary Lau, Global Design Principal
    Completion Year: 2022
    Photography: CreatAR Images


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