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    20 October 2016

    Henderson Land’s The H Collection has seen the developer bring its most sought-after residences together in an industry-leading portfolio that is helping locally to drive forward high-quality standards of construction.


    The H Collection is Henderson Land personified, portraying each of the characteristics that the group pours into its work creating high-quality living environments. Launched in 2011, The H Collection brings together Henderson Land’s prestigious residences into a single branded portfolio, allowing the company to put its philosophy into practice across a range of redevelopment properties.

    The collection offers the ultimate in urban luxury living at properties such as The Gloucester, The Hemispheres and The Hudson. Each is a reflection of the emphasis Henderson Land puts on caring for the resident, caring for the community and caring for the environment.

    It is these elements – the resident, the community and the environment – that Henderson Land has built its design philosophy around. Henderson Land General Manager of Project Management (2) Department,Victor Kwok, says that Henderson Land’s teams aim at creating a built environment that enhances the quality of living. The developer believes that a home is not just confined within the four walls of the flat but that it extends into the communal areas and into the local environment. Henderson Land aims to create enjoyable spaces and to create something big out of something small.  There is nothing frivolous in the floor plan of a Henderson Land designed residence. The developer puts time and care into the design of every little detail and each and every space.

    Optimal Design


    The Hemispheres

    The company prides itself of its ability to maximise the usable(?) area in its designs and effectively distribute space, ensuring greater comfort for residents. This philosophy is demonstrated most admirably at flagship property, The Gloucester, where Henderson Land allows the outside in to create and enhance feeling of space.

    Small units have been placed facing the water, maximising their views of world-famous Victoria Harbour because the developer knows that this is a highly desired aspect of property amongst Hong Kong’s very particular home owners. At The Gloucester, Henderson Land aimed for an understated luxury by paying attention to the details, the form and function, and the quality of space.

    Through its decades of experience, the developer has been able to stay ahead of the game and continue to efficiently create buildings that are not only perfectly suited to the customers’ needs, but also become unique landmarks in the Hong Kong skyline.

    Harmony is Key

    When it comes to the community and the environment, Henderson Land goes above and beyond to ensure that its properties work in harmony with their surrounds. As a developer they not only take care of the project site itself, but they also take very great care of the street on which a building stands and where possible they try to upgrade the surrounding area as well.

    Through its collection, Henderson Land has built a standard that flows across the board, ensuring that the public knows exactly what they are going to get from any The H Collection properties. Henderson Land creates this property branding so that they can communicate with the public easily, with The Gloucester as the spearhead project in the collection.This allows Henderson Land’s personnel to easily communicate the details of their projects to that people will know what sort of quality level they can expect at each site.


    The Hemispheres

    Five pillars

    The H Collection is Henderson Land’s signature property brand and is built on five pillars – all beginning with letter H, an initial that represents the company’s rich history. These are handcrafted, heart, hallmark, hospitality and harmony and go hand-in-hand with the company’s quest to offer a high standard of sophistication and quality.

    Heart ensures a tasteful living experience and one that is tailor-made to the customer. Henderson Land has no intention simply to create another building, rather it is hoped that through their rich experience they can create something special and unique with each new addition to the portfolio.

    Harmony is the contribution to sustainable development in unison with the particular neighbourhood Henderson Land is working in. Through its urban renewal policy the company aims to enhance the local environment and give back to the existing residents of the area. ’Going for green’ building is the company’s target and they have a corporate environmental policy encouraging everyone within the company to create green buildings. Because urban space is often tight and a given neighbourhood might be dilapidated, Henderson Land’s contribution can go a long way in helping to regenerate old and tired districts.

    Bespoke Touch

    The Gloucester

    The Gloucester

    The third pillar is handcrafted, with Henderson Land using quality building materials to put their own personal touch on their developments. The company is meticulous with its detailing and spends a lot of time ensuring everything works as it was intended to. The  corner balconies at The Hudson, that allow the living room to open out in two directions offer the perfect example of this sensitive approach to designing the perfect site-specific features that will enhance the quality of life for residents.

    The hospitality pillar is best portrayed by The Gloucester, which is situated in front of Mira Moon. Miramar Group, Henderson Land’s associate, provides the property management for The Gloucester and that adds a level of sophistication not available in most average residential developments. The Gloucester enjoys more hotel-quality property management running the building. Miramar Group has not been engaged to run the property management for other The H Collection properties, but the developer maintains the same concept in catering for the resident’s needs throughout their various properties.

    Hallmark is all about design excellence and sees Henderson Land handpick designers to suit each project’s needs to ensure that quality standards are up to and exceeding specific expectations.

    Quality Team

    Henderson Land is the proud recipient of two quality-driven awards from the Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy, both won in recent months, with High Place and The Hemispheres receiving the recognition. They were named the Quality Building of the Year for 2015 and the acknowledgements are testament to the quality achieved from the initial design to final completion that Henderson Land continues to deliver, project by project, year after year.


    High West

    The developer notes that they are very proud of these results. When the developer speaks about building quality it is really about two things – design and construction – through the careful selection of designers and maintaining a pool of very experienced, professional project managers. Henderson Land accumulates experience and tries to ensure that as a developer as time goes past that the quality of their ongoing and projects still at the planning stages are all aspiring to continually improving standards of excellence. The company is obviously driven by their commitment to quality.

    The H Collection has garnered high scores across the board from famed surveyor Tsim Chai Nam, the endorsement from this respected maverick is something that Henderson Land’s management believes is the end result of the synergy evident throughout the Henderson Land workforce.

    Effective communication and a shared commitment to excellence by the project team throughout the lifecycle of any project is a key ingredient required for ensuring that expectations are met with each new building that is completed.

    People First

    Another aspect that sets Henderson Land apart from others in the industry is the commitment the developer constantly demonstrates in its care for its clients and its projects. At Henderson Land, there is a genuine, heart-felt care about the design and construction process and the end result of a project. Average is never good enough.

    Henderson Landmanages the customer’s needs by looking at each and every project, at the floor plan and the master plan, making sure that every building really serves the needs of the customer. Big or small, every resident at a Henderson Land property can rest assured that long before they have occupied a unit, that the project team have considered every detail. In each unit, in the common areas and out into the local environment, each one of the five pillars underscores a unique commitment to deliver quality, and with it, total peace of mind.






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