• BEAM Plus New Buildings v2.0 Officially Launched

    6 September 2019

    (5 September 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) and BEAM Society Limited (BSL) are pleased to announce the official launch of BEAM Plus New Buildings version 2.0 (NB v2.0). The launch ceremony was held at Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) on 4 September 2019. Mr TSE Chin-wan, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment and Mr John KWONG Ka-sing, Principal Government Engineer, Development Bureau, HKSARG, officiated the ceremony as the Guests of Honour.

    Since the launch of BEAM Plus NB v1.2 in 2012, the rating tool has continued to evolve after taking into account feedback from the industry. The BEAM Plus NB v2.0 was hammered out as a result of the suggestions and comments collected over the past seven years as well as updated government guidance on the adoption of energy-efficient features and renewable energy technologies. In order to demonstrate the HKSAR Government’s commitment to low-carbon growth, bureaux and departments are encouraged to achieve BEAM Plus Gold for all major government buildings.

    With the objectives of making the NB v2.0 a holistic performance indicator and a user-friendly assessment tool, the fundamental of BEAM Plus NB v2.0 is to maintain the assessment criteria at a level beyond statutory requirements, while enhancing adaptability, certainty and practicality of the assessment. The upgraded BEAM Plus NB v2.0 is designed to provide practicable, clear and standardised criteria to assess the performance of green buildings, including health and wellbeing, hygiene, site impacts, use of materials, water quality, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, etc.

    In particular, the NB v2.0 now places more emphasis on “Health and Wellbeing”, which highlights human environmental quality. Apart from indoor environmental quality, such as lighting, ventilation, acoustic, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, etc., human centric design elements are also considered in the assessment. These include, for example, provision of design measures that encourage healthy and active living, adoption of biophilic design that increases occupants’ connectivity to the natural environment, etc. 

    Another key assessment aspect added in the BEAM Plus NB v2.0 assessment is Integrated Design and Construction Management. The adoption of an integrated design process ensures a building can sustain its greenness throughout its building life cycle, allowing all stakeholders to partake in setting the environmental goals and objectives. Moreover, credits are given to projects that involve BEAM Professionals and BEAM Affiliates, as well as those that apply smart technologies to facilitate communication among the project team members.

    Mr TSE Chin-wan, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSARG, said: “The Government has developed “Construction 2.0” with the three key pillars of “Innovation”, “Professionalisation” and “Revitalisation” to enhance the sustainability of the local construction industry. “Modular integrated Construction (MiC)” is an initiative in line with construction innovation. Apart from better quality control, increased productivity, reduced on-site manpower, shortened construction time and enhanced site safety as the known benefits of MiC, it also reduces the overall carbon footprint of projects by cutting down building material wastage, packaging materials and trips in transportation, all with positive impact to green building and sustainability development.

    The launch of the “BEAM plus New Buildings V2.0” marks the beginning of a new chapter in Hong Kong’s way forward in green building movement. We need the concerted effort of construction industry stakeholders to make a step forward in meeting the increasing demand for green buildings, and enhancing Hong Kong’s liveability in the long term.”

    Mr TSE Chin-wan, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSARG officiated the ceremony as a Guest of Honour and commended BEAM Plus NB v2.0 for further promoting green buildings

    Mr John KWONG Ka-sing, Principal Government Engineer, Development Bureau, HKSARG, said: “To cope with the pressing challenges posed by climate change and improve indoor and outdoor liveability, optimising sustainable design and construction in new buildings is of vital importance. The Government is supportive of the introduction of the BEAM Plus New Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0. The timely upgrade of the green building rating system will drive both public and private buildings towards lower carbon emissions, less waste and more eco-friendly for the well-being of the public.”

    Mr John KWONG Ka-sing, Principal Government Engineer, Development Bureau, HKSARG officiated the BEAM Plus New Buildings v2.0 ceremony

    Mr SO Kai-ming, Chairperson of BEAM Society Limited, said: “BSL has been devoted to building a sustainable community since its establishment. Through the optimisation of BEAM Plus assessment tools, we aim to build capacity in the community through education and training to create a more liveable green built environment. As of today, BEAM Plus is one of the most widely used voluntary green labelling schemes of its kind around the world with over 1,200 registered BEAM Plus projects, including over 400 landmark projects that achieved the BEAM Plus Label.”

    Mr SO Kai-ming, Chairperson of BEAM Society Limited delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony

    Mr CHEUNG Hau-wai, SBS, Chairman of The Hong Kong Green Building Council, said: “While this year is the 10th anniversary of the Council, the launch of the upgraded BEAM Plus NB v2.0 marks another milestone in our efforts in promoting a more liveable and sustainable city. Looking forward, the Council will continue to closely work with BEAM Society in driving the green building development in Hong Kong with BEAM Plus, creating the sustainable built environment.”

    Mr CHEUNG Hau-wai, SBS, Chairman of The Hong Kong Green Building Council delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony

    “During the 3-year enhancement process, we have been always upholding the four main principles, i.e. Adaptability, Beyond Statutory Requirement, Certainty and Practicality.  We hope the revamped tool would be able to cover more applicable new buildings and minimise the possibility of “Not Applicable” credits.”, according to Sr Kenneth CHAN Jor-kin, Convenor of BEAM Plus NB v2.0 Steering Committee.

    Sr Kenneth CHAN Jor-kin, Convenor of BEAM Plus NB v2.0 Steering Committee introduced BEAM Plus NB v2.0


    (From left to right) Ir HO Chi-shing, General Manager, BEAM Society Limited
    Sr CHAN Jor-kin, Convenor of Steering Committee of
    BEAM Plus New Buildings v2.0, BEAM Society Limited
    Mr SO Kai-ming, Chairperson, BEAM Society Limited
    Mr TSE Chin-wan, BBS, JP Under Secretary for the Environment
    Mr John KWONG Ka-sing, Principal Government Engineer,
    Development Bureau, HKSARG
    Mr CHEUNG Hau-wai, SBS, Chairman, Hong Kong Green Building Council
    Ir Cary CHAN Wing-hong, JP, Executive Director,
    Hong Kong Green Building Council


    BEAM Plus New Buildings v2.0 is open for registration today. Please download the images HERE.

    To learn more about the HKGBC, please visit www.hkgbc.org.hk.




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