• First integrated green building cloud data platform launched in Hong Kong iBEAM to assess 450,000 building and sustainable development project data every year

    14 May 2021

    (13 May 2021, Hong Kong) BEAM Society Limited (“BSL”) announces today the launch of iBEAM – the first-ever locally developed integrated green building cloud data platform in Hong Kong. iBEAM is capable of analysing 450,000 entries of project data related to built environment and sustainable development every year, which would turn into a data warehouse for the prediction of green building development trends and making visionary suggestions for implementing sustainable development in the industry. iBEAM also enables paperless assessment workflow through uploading all building data to a single cloud platform, which enhances transparency, security and integrity of the assessment process while reducing carbon emission, contributing to a greener built environment in Hong Kong.


    Data warehouse advocates green building development, provides concrete solutions and creates benefits for the public

    The rising awareness on environmental protection and sustainable development has drawn increasing public attention to the overall quality of the built environment. In 2010, “BEAM Plus”, a leading, impartial assessment tool designed for the sustainability performance of buildings in Hong Kong was first launched by BSL. BEAM Plus assesses the sustainability of buildings during planning, design, construction, testing, commissioning, management, operation, and maintenance stages. Assessment results are recognised and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. To date, BEAM Plus has certified green building developments encompassing over 18.6 million square metres of space, equivalent to over 2.5 square metres per capita. BEAM Plus is one of the most widely used voluntary green building labelling schemes of its kind in the world on a per capita basis.

    Ms Ivy LEE Siu Wing, Chairperson of BSL, shares, “iBEAM will be the first-ever 24/7 project assessment submission platform in Hong Kong. It enables BSL to streamline BEAM Plus assessment process, enhances BEAM Pro experience and its efficiency, and upholds the core values of BSL – integrity, consistency and transparency.

    iBEAM is a new generation platform that collects, manages, standardises, submits, reports, discloses and processes data related to built environment and sustainable development. Its major features include:

    • Intelligent integration platform: With customisable user interface and settings, this platform enables project teams to share information and manage workflow. Where necessary, participating parties can download the data collected for other purposes such as submission of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) reports, and as benchmark data necessary for the application of green finance investments. In the long run, iBEAM will contribute to building a smarter, greener and more resilient city as envisioned in the HK2030+ and the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0.  
    • Paperless cloud platform: After uploading the data to the cloud portal, project teams can update or retrieve them by logging in the portal round the clock anywhere. The platform also enables paperless e-form submission of data for archiving and real time processing at both multiple and centralised ends.
    • Reliable and consistent security platform: After receiving data uploaded by project teams, the platform will automatically execute the approval process and match with assessors, raising the transparency, security and integrity of assessments. iBEAM also centralises and securely executes workflow, from data collection, approval, to online management of BEAM Plus assessment fee.

    Mr LIU Chun San, JP, Under Secretary for Development, mentions, “BEAM Society, has been a close partner of the Government to promote green building environment ever since her establishment in the 1990s. The development and adoption of iBEAM is most welcome by the Development Bureau. iBEAM aligns with and supports our two major visions: to develop smart, green and resilient new towns; and Construction 2.0 in adopting innovation including digitalization technology for the construction industry.”

    Mr Frankie So, Chairperson of iBEAM Project Steering Committee, mentions, “We anticipate an annual uptake of 10,000 users and 200 building assessment applications after the launch of iBEAM, with growth in subsequent years. The system can process 450,000 entries of data from built environment and sustainable development projects every year, and analyse big data such as Green Building Attributes, Management, Site Aspects, Materials and Waste, Energy Use, Water Use, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovations and Additions, Community Aspects and Outdoor Environmental Quality. It will empower a greener built environment in Hong Kong and create benefits for the public.”

    Consultations and experience workshops obtain recognition from the industry

    BSL commenced the development of iBEAM in April 2020. 5 engagement talks were held throughout the development stage, garnering more than 1,100 industry participations and constructive feedback. Before the launch of iBEAM, BSL has organised the iBEAM Xperience Studio, an experiential workshop that engaged over 100 construction professionals and 14 consultancy firms in the industry. Ms Ivy LEE adds, “iBEAM is a part of a bigger green building journey. Looking ahead, BSL will continue to work closely with the governments of the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong, as well as our strategic partners, professional and educational institutes. Working hand in hand, we will create a sustainable and liveable environment for mankind.”

    To get more information about BSL, please visit www.beamsociety.org.hk.

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